Varsity dance puts on a show at Davenport tournament

Cam Roth

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Seniors Courtney Collar and Joelie Havey were able to help lead the varsity dance team in out-competing multiple high-level teams at the Davenport Invitational last weekend. Some of these teams included Rockford and East Kentwood, both of which are top-notch programs and among FHC’s largest competition in West Michigan. Overall, the team performed well; they were able to place top five in each of their three dances. 

The girls placed first in the pom category with a score of 179.5 beating out Rockford and Holly. They placed second in the hip-hop category just behind East Kentwood and once again ahead of Holly. Lastly, the girls were able to place fourth in the jazz category, missing third place barely; there was only a one-point difference. Grandville was awarded first in jazz, second went to Rockford, and third was awarded to East Kentwood with a score of 206. FHC finished in fourth with a score of 205. 

“For our first time competing, we were absolutely thrilled with our placements,” Joelie said. “Even our jazz routine receiving fourth was awesome, considering we had learned the whole second half of our routine two nights before the competition. We were also so happy when we placed first in pom and second in hip hop. Hip hop was especially exciting because, in past years, it has been our weakest style.” 

East Kentwood was deemed the Grand Champion of the tournament. Another award the competition gave out was the outstanding member award, granted to one dancer from each competing team. Sophomore Alexa Parent was awarded the outstanding dancer for FHC.  

“I was very excited and shocked when I heard the announcer say my name,” sophomore Alexa Parent said. “Especially since it’s my first year on the dance team, I was very thankful to receive the award.” 

After the team portion of the tournament concluded, dancers were given the opportunity to perform a solo dance. Joelie was the only FHC dancer to present her solo, as the rest of the dancers opted out of competing their dances last weekend. Joelie placed very well, achieving ninth place out of 34 dancers with a score of 260.5.

“Joelie’s solo really stood out to me because it was a lot different than everyone else’s,” junior Grace Pennington said. “Because of the style of dance she performed, her skills weren’t able to be shown as much as they could have been in a different style. However, looking the part is something she’s always been good at.” 

Throughout the day in between dances, girls from all teams were able to show off their skills with optional turns, jumps/leaps, and a short hip-hop improv competition. Girls from FHC were present in each of these short displays and were by far the most numerous during them. 

“The team had great performances overall,” head coach Jazzae Ford said. “Everyone walked off the floor proud of their performances, and the team took home an impressive first-place finish in pom. This was a good competition to prepare us for nationals in Orlando taking place in a few weeks.”