So Say It — A Free Verse

There’s no use in hiding. 

What you feel can be seen in everything you do. 

These feelings starve you.

You don’t feel the need to.

Or you feel a little too much of a need to eat.

Filling that want to express these feelings by consuming.

Or these feelings affect your work. 

You don’t feel motivated to work. 

The tension builds up and you can’t focus, you only know the lingering thought.

Bottled up waiting to be expressed. 

Maybe you can’t sleep. Your mind is so full of thoughts it can’t rest. 

Or all you can do is sleep using this as an escape. 

Though it won’t last for long.

It’s slowly eating away at you. 

Like maggots on a decomposing body. 

Whatever your feeling needs to be said. 

So say it. 

Or else you’ll wither away.