Varsity tennis picks up great victory over Byron Center with 6-2 result

Sydney Kushak

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Morghan Tilton
January 26, 2021
Emily Johnson
January 14, 2021

Taking on another conference opponent, the boys rallied and came out with a 6-2 win against Byron Center. The Bulldogs played some really tight matches against the Rangers, but once again the boys pulled through and kept up their winning streak.

Helping the Rangers receive a pivotal point towards their final score was the four doubles duo of junior Devin Holcombe and sophomore Noah Kriekard. The two went into a third set against their opponent after winning the first set but fell short on the second. They ended up taking the third set with a close 7-5 tiebreak. 

Also going into three sets was three singles player Chris Shang. Chris won his first set 6-4 but lost the second set 4-6. He persevered and finished the third set with an astounding score of 6-2, winning the match overall.

Also having a great match was one singles player sophomore Sammy Yin. Sammy continues to dominate the season by sweeping another one of his opponents. The star player easily went 6-0 and 6-0 against his competition.

The next match for the boys is a quad this Saturday at home at 8:30 AM. They will be competing against Rockford, Traverse City St. Francis, and for the third time, Midland Dow.