Holidays in rewind


Happy Holidays and Christmas background word cloud, holidays lettering collage

What makes a holiday? The traditions or the things received?

Is it possibly be the atmosphere or the people within the atmosphere? Is it the home-like feeling received when I’m in the atmosphere with the right people?

My childhood, can I remember it? For me, personally, it was a blissfully innocent time.

There were no worries or strifes. I was growing; my mind, body, and soul were growing, I was learning, and I had not a thing to worry about except if my stuffed animals got along, if I could eat my favorite snacks, if I could play with my best friends every day, or if I got presents on my birthday. I had to make sure they weren’t clothes.

If I was able to watch my favorite TV shows, if I got to get ice cream, and if I got exactly what you wanted. 

But, in the end, my favorite holiday was always Christmasover my birthday, over any other holiday.

I got toys, I got to play with my cousins, I got to see my faraway relatives.

There, that’s it. It wasn’t the presents, it wasn’t the candy, it wasn’t the stockings, but I never fully recognized itnot when I was little.

It was the family I’d get to see, the millions of cousins, the millions of aunts and uncles; I was happy to just see them, and I enjoyed the vivid homey-comfort I’d receive from them being there. 

The taking turns while opening presents. Those moments when I was told to wait to open my presents so everyone could capture each precious moment on film. 

I’d open it, and it’d be a stuffed animal, a cool new toy, a box of my favorite candy, or a new dress-up costume. 

I was the center of attention; everyone would be silently filming me, taking pictures of me. They’d be waiting for my reaction.

The joy wasn’t the result of receiving the toy; it was them, the person I received it from.

It’s been hidden in my mind, but that’s okay because I was a kid; I was still growing, and I still didn’t understand the world because it was new to me.

It’s been hidden in my mind but that’s okay because I was a kid; I was still growing, and I still didn’t understand the world because it was new to me.

But, now it’s an old/new world, and I’m okay with that. I can understand the important things: family, friends, and making memories.

Who are you going to be with for the holidays?