Rangers JV soccer suffers 1-0 loss in opening round of conference tournament

Mason Corcoran

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Rangers JV soccer suffers 1-0 loss in opening round of conference tournament

This past Monday, September 5, the boys had an important rematch against the East Grand Rapids Pioneers. Last time the two teams played, the Rangers were victorious over the Pioneers in a 1-0 win. However this might have hurt the boys in the long run because from the start of the game. East Grand Rapids looked like a different team since the previous meeting, ready to get revenge on the Rangers. From the start, East was able to stay on the attack for most of the first half, within the chances that the Pioneers were able to create, freshman goalie Kasey Dantuma was able to make some incredible saves to close out the half tied at 0-0. 

To start the second half, the Rangers looked to possess the ball in the midfield more, hoping they could cause the Pioneers defense to slip up. Although this was more challenging with one of their starting midfielders, freshman Ryan Brom had to move to center back due to a costly injury for the Rangers. Therefore, East was able to continue the pressure on the Ranger defense and about shortly into the second half, was able to cause a slip up and capitalize taking the lead 1-0. Unfortunately for the boys, they would not be able to fight back into the game, and the Pioneers were able to knock the boys to the consolation part of the bracket.

Following their most recent defeat, the boys’ record falls to 4-6-1 on the season and 3-4-1 in their conference. The boys play again this Wednesday, September 7 in another rematch against the Byron Center Bulldogs. The Rangers were able to beat the Bulldogs last time they faced off, and look to repeat this yet again.