TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Savannah Elenbaas

Liberty Cook: for being my other half for seven years

There are not enough words to compare how much you mean to me and how much I yearn to say about you. You have been with me through my journey of life since we were ten years old; you know me like no one else knows me. We can read each other so well it’s astounding. The amount of trouble, car trouble, driving troubles, and drama we have been in together cannot be counted. The amount of secrets, drama, and inside jokes we know between each other is crazy, as well. Thank you for stealing me from Cailey, thank you for being so supportive, thank you for knowing what’s best for me even if I don’t know, and thank you for always being the one place I know I can go to feel more like myself. I love you.

Kate Rookus: for being my rainbow

One sentence to start this off: middle school gym class. When I first met you in gym class four years ago, we were the only two girls there and so we made friends with each other. That was one of the best decisions of my life, because you’re always there for me. You’re my carefree, chill, supportive, and kind-of-scared-for-everything-I-do best friend. As we grew up together in middle school I wanted to be your guide and a friend. I started to realize you were growing up in front of me, and that opened my eyes. Once you graduate high school and move on with your life, you only keep a few close friends, and you’re going to be one of them.

Abeer Khan: for acting like my older fun sister I always wanted

When I first met you in Strength and Conditioning sophomore year, you were the cool, outgoing, and older senior I looked up to. Bruh, I wanted to be you, and you made being a senior look so grown-up, carefree, and independent. I knew the way we clicked, we’d be good friends. You’ve been that older sister I’ve always wanted. Thank you for helping me grow up, thank you for giving me advice, thank you for knocking some sense into me at times, thank you for being that parent for me when I didn’t want to tell my parents, and thank you for being my friend in the first place. I feel like I belong with you and I can be myself. I love you.

Chase Weiss: for coming into my life

Chase, you’re like my little brother. I’m so glad that Liberty had you do her streaks that summer. We definitely bonded while she was at camp, and I learned I wanted to be your friend. I think we were all shocked when our being friends happened. Because the first time we met each other was at FHC at a track and field meet. I first thought you were annoying and childish, but as I got to know you I realized that’s what makes Chase, that’s you. Thank you for being so goofy. I love you.

My Mom and Dad: for letting me grow up and never pushing me to do things I didn’t want to do

Where do I start? I will spare everyone’s time and my sore hands because of typing. I could go on and on about you two but I will keep it short. Thank you for helping and watching me grow up, thank you for trusting me, thank you for letting me have my own designated car when I turned sixteen, thank you for putting up with me as a kid because I was hyper and would run everywhere, and thank you for being supportive, and thank you for being the parents that you are.

Mrs. DeMeester: for introducing me into high school and for watching me leave

I can vaguely remember walking into your room on the first day of my freshman year. I thought that that room was overwhelmingly large and scary. But, as time went on, that place felt more like home; I was at ease there. Thank you for giving the freshman advice, thank you for telling us your crazy stories, thank you for being so supportive and always sweet, and thank you for being there.

Ken George: for helping me find my place in Honors Eng 10 sophomore year

I remember the first day of sophomore year I walked into your room and felt unsure. I remember that I was on the edge of whether or not to take your class or go to regular English 10. I am very happy you had convinced me to stay. Because I realized the second day that I felt like I belonged in that room, I felt safe, and I felt as if I wasn’t at the prison called school. I knew not many classrooms felt like home so I couldn’t lose this one. Thank you for convincing me to stay, thank you for being such a supportive and awesome teacher, thank you for being so ecstatic when I joined and re-joined TCT.

Lynlee Derrick:

I feel as though you’re a mama kangaroo because you are like the mom of our TCT group. Your creativity as editor astounds me and I appreciate it as well. Aside from being a great editor, you are so funny, you are so kind, and it’s fun seeing what text you sent to the group chat. Thank you for always supporting the TCT staff.

Abby Wright:

You are doing a great job being an editor and I appreciate it as well. Thank you for making me feel like I can always ask you questions and thank you for being supportive of our stories.

Lauren Batterbee:

Thank you for letting me sit and be friends with you and Tananya in WFP; I loved our little table group. I love your sense of humor and I love your goofiness. Even though we don’t get to see each other this year, I always am amazed while reading your stories. You’re always so funny and bring light everywhere you go. Keep doing a great job as a print managing editor.

Linus Kaechele:

Your positivity and type of goofy is just the kind of humor that I need at the end of my school day. Your writing is a different type of talent you don’t find much in life, and every time I read a new piece of your writing I wonder how some can be this talented. You’re doing a great job with being a Managing Editor of Online Assignments.

Veronica Vincent:

Thank you for being my table friend when we’re both at school in TCT. I feel like I got to know you a little better sitting there. You are always so funny and kind, and I always feel like I can go to you if I want something edited, so thank you for that. Keep progressing with being a great Publicity Managing Editor.

Sophie Young:

Once we entered TCT, I clung to you because I didn’t feel comfortable hanging out with anyone else in TCT. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for always editing my stories. Thank you for juggling being a TCT photographer as well.

Emma Zawacki:

I feel like you’re always so happy and positive. I always love seeing your texts on the group chat. I don’t know you much, but I definitely want to get to know you better.

Natalie Mix:

You have this kind of energy I love. You’re so nice and supportive of the group. I always love seeing your funny texts on the group chat. I always love reading your short stories or whatever you write for TCT. You’re so talented. The work you’re doing as a print managing editor, I am thankful for.

Avery Jordan:

I’m always eager to see your texts on the group chat because I feel like you Lynlee, Emma, and Abby are so active and it’s funny to see the conversations. Keep up the great work on your stories.

Lydia VanDeRiet:

I feel like we were better friends in the earlier years and I really enjoyed that. Do you remember little foofy bunny? We had so much fun passing notes and being goofy in class. I’m so glad to see you on the staff as a photographer.

Allie Beaumont:

I have to tell you this: I think of perfume, flowers, cotton candy, and sparkles when I think of you. I’m not sure why, but you give off those positive vibes in a pink color–that probably doesn’t make much sense. But, I feel as though pink is a soft and pretty color which correlates to how I view you. I appreciate your work as a Publicity Managing Editor on the TCT staff.

Kelsey Dantuma:

You are such a great fit as a Managing Editor of Online Assignments on the TCT staff. I enjoy your humor and kindness.