Sabrina Carpenter’s song “Skin” is an unnecessary, petty clap back

Sabrina Carpenters cover photo for Skin

Sabrina Carpenter’s cover photo for “Skin”

Lately, the social media drama has been off the charts between three singers caught up in a love triangle. Two of which were in a relationship, two of which are currently in a relationship—leaving one single and heartbroken.

January 8th: singer Olivia Rodrigo released “Driver’s License”—a stellar song surrounding her heartache. Six days later, Rodrigo’s ex—singer Joshua Bassett—came out with a new single on the 14th. And finally, the third and final member of the love-triangle has made her debut.

Singer Sabrina Carpenter released her single titled “Skin” on the 22nd. 

Rodrigo’s song was all about her and Bassett’s breakup but more specifically surrounding Carpenter and her character. Multiple times, Rodrigo blatantly addresses Carpenter as “that blonde girl;” so, presumably, fans pinpointed exactly who Rodrigo—not shyly, might I add—was attempting to target.

Therefore, after hearing her boyfriend, Bassett’s, new hit “Lie Lie Lie,” Carpenter decided to clap back.

Carpenter starts off with the lyrics suggesting she and Rodrigo could be acquaintances in an alternate life—pretty genuine, right? But don’t be fooled. In the very next line, Carpenter bashes Rodrigo’s lyrics by questioning “maybe blonde was the only rhyme?” Immediately, my jaw dropped when I heard that unexpected jumble of words. It is crazy how they’re both so unafraid to publish a song both emphasizing their deep love towards the same man, yet unapologetically insult each other within their music.

Multiple times, Rodrigo blatantly addresses Carpenter as “that blonde girl,” so, presumably, fans pinpointed exactly who Rodrigo—not shyly might I add—was attempting to target.

The chorus sings: “You can try to get under my, under my, under my skin.” 

Once again, that repetitive phrase is fully directed towards Rodrigo, saying that she tried to mess with Carpenter’s head, but it didn’t work because she is still with the one they both love. She has won. But was it smart to feed into the drama with a mediocre song? 

“Skin” is confusing. I can’t exactly put my finger on what Carpenter’s stance is. In some verses, she talks about how she wishes she and Rodrigo could have gotten along, but in others, Carpenter undeniably bashes not just Rodrigo but “Drivers License” as well. At one point, Carpenter sings how Rodrigo only told her perspective of the story, and how this is Carpenter’s chance to tell hers. So for now, we don’t know. Did Bassett really leave Rodrigo for Carpenter? 

Carpenter’s song, I believe, was unnecessary and simply just feeding into the drama; however, I understand how this was an outlet for her to express her side of the story and her feelings. I suppose I’m biased towards Rodrigo since her song was released first and “Drivers License” was incredible, but now, I am indeed seeing Carpenter’s perspective and her emotions towards the situation.

Speaking of emotions, Carpenter’s were very much present within “Skin.” From what I perceived, it seemed like Carpenter, in a way, was standing up for herself and her potential relationship—as she should. She also mentions how she feels that Rodrigo wants to crush her happiness, but I think that remains invalid. I believe Rodrigo was just trying to compose a song worthy of the emotions she has cooped up for so long. 

Additionally, something about this internet drama between the three singers doesn’t add up. After Rodrigo’s release, both Bassett and Carpenter released songs so abnormally quick as a response to hers. Is this all just a social media stunt? 

All of their fan bases are extremely invested in this drama; so, we will see what the future brings for Bassett, Carpenter, and Rodrigo.

From my view, I see “Skin” as an unsuccessful attempt to bounce back, but also as a message to both Bassett and Rodrigo about how she’s truly feeling inside. At this point, I’m unsure of where I stand in this triangle of love. Team Rodrigo or Team Carpenter? I am undecided.