Academic Boosters Club and Mr. George offer college essay writing classes for seniors this fall


For the past 15 years, English teacher Ken George–in cooperation with the Academic Boosters Club–has taught a college essay writing class to seniors who are beginning the college application process. If you are a senior who wants help with writing your essays for college applications, this class might be perfect for you.

The Central Trend sat down with Mr. George to get more specifics about the class.

What: Senior College Essay Writing Class

When: Wednesday, August 25th (7-8 p.m.) and Wednesday, September 1 (7-9 p.m.) *Students attend both sessions.*

Who: Upcoming FHC seniors. Last year, more than 85 FHC seniors took the class.

Where: FHC Auditorium

Who: Taught by Ken George, FHC English teacher and former admissions counselor at Albion College

How is the class formatted?

“We meet two times as a full class, and then each student meets with me one-on-one for five minutes to discuss their essay. In the first class, I cover all the potential questions students may face, explain the do’s and don’t’s of college essay writing, and lead the class in reading several samples that either worked or failed to hit the mark. Students then have a week to write an essay for a school they are applying to. In the second meeting, we peer edit that essay and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the essays in general.”

And then students meet with you one-on-one?

“Correct. I arrange a brief meeting with every student so I can give some personal feedback on their essay. In some instances, students ask that I just give some feedback on their document instead of a one-on-one meeting.”

So, you were an admissions counselor at Albion?

“Before I began my teaching career 27 years ago, I spent two years as the assistant director of admissions at Albion. As part of that position, I read college admissions essays. And, for the past several years, I’ve been leading a college unit in my English 10 classes that includes writing letters to colleges and doing research on a variety of schools. I’m pretty fascinated by the college search and admissions process.”

How do students sign up?

“A form will be emailed to all current juniors and the registration form is also posted on the FHC Counseling website (TCT editors also put it in the sidebar accompanying this story). The cost is $40, and the form has the rest of the information about how to complete the registration process.”