Varsity Volleyball


Team name: Forest Hills Central Varsity Volleyball Team

Coaches: Natalie Roelfzema and Kevin Zaschak

Captains: Sophie Shields and Grace Hudkins

Season: Fall

Instagram: @rangervolleyball2021

Time commitment: Ten games, eight tournaments, and practices after school

Why someone should join: “Volleyball offers a home for students around FHC that many other teams don’t. It allows for bonding with classmates of all grades through team dinners and [you get the chance to] meet some forever friends through a program as great as this.”

Prior knowledge/experience needed: None

How to sign up: Tryouts occur during the summer. You can look for updates on the FHC Athletics website.

Fun facts/words of encouragement for someone weary of joining: “Give it all you’ve got. No one there is trying out to judge you; everyone is so supportive and kind no matter how much experience you have or don’t have. This family is something you truly wouldn’t want to miss and you’d regret not trying to be a part of it.”