Ski Team


Team name: FHC Ski Team

Coach: Sara Yockey-Sutton

Captain: Senior Ben Taylor

Season: Winter


Time commitment: About eight hours a week—two practices and one race.

Why someone should join: “1. We have the BEST coaches! 2. There are both girls and guys on the team, and we all practice together. 3. Ski is a no-cut sport. You can join with no past experience. 4. It doesn’t take that much time. With only two practices a week (2 hrs each) and one race (usually 3-4 hrs), ski leaves you plenty of time to do other things in the winter. Additionally, our season is only a month and a half long. (We do have dry-land training two times a week for about two months before the season begins.) 5. Varsity gets to go to regionals! If you are on varsity, you get to miss a day or two of school to attend regionals at Caberfae. 6. Ski is a fun way to spend time with your friends. Since the Cannonsburg hills are so small, you’ll end up spending just as much, if not more, time talking to friends on the chairlift than actually skiing.”

Prior knowledge/experience needed: “Nope! Every year, we have a variety of racers join. Some have never been on skis before, while others have been skiing since they were potty-trained. Each racer gets better at their own pace throughout the season.”

How to sign up: Final Forms

Fun facts/words of encouragement for someone weary: “Everybody on the ski team is so nice and welcoming! Don’t worry if you have no racing experience, about 90% of the new kids who join each year have never been on a racecourse either.”