Varsity Dance Team


Team Name: Forest Hills Central Varsity Dance Team

Coaches: Crystal Delgodo and Jazzae Ford

Captains: Avery Jordan, Abby Drueke, Emily Smith, Ali Grendel

Season(s): Fall and Winter

Instagram: @fhcvarsitydanceteam

Time commitment: “Since we aren’t a fall sport, the time commitment during the fall is minimal. Usually, we practice two days a week in an effort to prepare for football games, pep assemblies, and other miscellaneous performances. During the winter season, which is our actual season, the season bulks up to [practicing] at least 3 days a week and, on nationals years (every other year), [we add] some weekends. This is to ensure that we have time to learn, perfect, and are prepared to perform and place in all 3 dances at competitions.”

Why someone should try out: “Not only does dance team contribute to health and wellness and encourage you to get up and move weekly, but it also creates healthy friendships and bonds with students you may not have met otherwise. It’s important to try extracurricular activities in high school to create productive breaks in your academic schedule, practice teamwork building, and even include college applications. If you’re already a dancer, this could be an extracurricular activity that isn’t out of your comfort zone but still pushes you.”

Prior knowledge/experience needed: “Since we are a competitive team, some prior knowledge and dance experience is helpful. There is no set number of years of experience required, but knowing the technical basics of dance will make the audition process and the season much more enjoyable. Nonetheless, even if you have no dance experience but have some interest, it can never hurt to talk to the coaches and/or come try out.”

How to sign up: Tryouts occur in mid-May; you can keep an eye out for updates on @fhcvarsitydanceteam on Instagram.

Fun facts/words of encouragement for someone weary of trying out: “Our dance team is a close-knit, fun, and accepting group of students who are very committed, hard-workers but still have a blast together. We are also nationally ranked. Although we are a competition team, we love performing for the school and community at games and pep assemblies. If you have any interest in being in front of the school body and perfecting your dancing skills, reach out to a member or coach about auditions next year.”