Millie Bobby Brown carries over her young age into her Converse line


Millie Bobby Brown’s Instagram label claims that she’s an ‘Actor.’ She’s been in the film industry well before she was ten years old and has portrayed a variety of roles—she’s well rounded and well known. But, some people aren’t aware that this young seventeen year old is also an entrepreneur. In August of 2019, when she was just fifteen, Brown launched her skincare line: florence by mills. 

Her line’s Instagram account has over two million followers, and in almost every post, Brown is the featured model. While a variety of young women can be seen from time to time, it’s obvious as to why Brown has her face plastered all over the account. Her booming success in Netflix’s Stranger Things has made Brown’s face one of the most recognizable in the world; this is the perfect campaign. Girls who want to follow in Brown’s footsteps will see her using the skin care products and will be more inclined to buy.

Florence claims to have clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products that make your skin radiant and healthy. There are a wide range of products to buy, and it’s incredibly impressive to be so successful at a young age. With her expansive career, Brown has recently gained traction in the business world and because of it, has collaborated with the shoe brand Converse.

The line, Converse By You x florence by mills, is heavily influenced by the aesthetic and color palette by Brown’s skin care products. Later, Brown told Converse, “I got to play with fabrics, colors, and shapes. It felt right to infuse certain elements that are recognizably florence by mills, but to also add new layers and ideas too.” 

Each shoe showcases a small diversity in purples and pinks that creates a rather feminine ambiance—something that Brown herself is known to incorporate into a lot of her red carpet looks. 

I hope people feel happy when they are wearing them and that they can embrace the day with a positive attitude.

— Millie Bobby Brown

Following that refined trend, the patterns on each shoe hold true to Brown’s overall goal of self-expression. These shoes are customizable, but with limits. Rather than having a set design, you can tailor fine details about the shoe from the heel stripe all the way to midsole print. 

This collection is incredibly meaningful because it’s a collaboration between two brands that have truly helped me grow as a person and a creative.

— Millie Bobby Brown

But personally, I’m not a huge fan of the conventionally girly palette; I wouldn’t wear these shoes. While I respect Brown for her business inquires, her shoes are two specific to one. They are a strictly ladylike style, which is something that Converse has seemed to try and avoid in the past.

But, I do think that Brown’s super fans and Converse limited-edition collectors will eat up the slight variety that is instilled in these platform Chucks purely because her name is on these shoes.

Labeled as unisex, these Converse remind me of childish prints and accessories that you would find at Justice or Claire’s—clothing stores that target predominately feminine pre-teens. The mix of bright colors and flower patterns isn’t helping anyone with the mature fashion that’s been a huge statement of 2021. I think pops of color here and there will help to spice up any outfit, but sometimes, too much is just that: too much. 

The idea and overall campaign of self-expression is one-hundred percent apparent to clientele, but to the unknowledgeable, these shoes are far too pink, far too floral, and far too constricting for some people’s liking.