This Valentine’s Day, love yourself and love your wardrobe


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Isabella Bersellini’s Valentine’s Day sock drawing

The highlight of Nike’s Valentine’s Day releases would undeniably be last year’s Air Force 1 ‘07, in University Red and Tulip Pink. But now, to the public, these sneakers are old news. While the new year invites fresh beginnings, this February also welcomes the most fashionable ways to fall in love with your wardrobe.

When scrolling through the “Valentine’s Day fashion” hashtag to see what would inspire me for the holiday to come, the first thing that caught my eye was a timeless collection by the clothing brand Nissa New York. While it was released in early February of last year, these pink and red statement pieces would still make any outfit stand out from the rest. This particular post showcased three women in short dresses and decorative shoes. 

Nissan New York’s 2021 Valentine’s Day line

The first and third models are seen wearing similar mini dresses which reminds me of our old friend spring. The way these dresses don’t silhouette the models’ figures interestingly shows that this designer was straying away from typical winter fashion—most items being tight to the skin and made to keep the clientele warm. At the same time, for the woman on the far left, the use of a chunky, matte pink belt helps to accentuate the looser, puffy fit which reminds me of tulips and rain even more. 

On a similar note, the model in the very middle can be seen wearing red tights with heart detailing. While I’ve been a hard one to convince on the topic of patterned tights, I think this, if any opportunity at all, is the right time to wear them. It seems that with this over-the-top holiday, its motto must be “go big or go home,” and these stockings definitely scream that. It would be difficult to match with other items, especially on the more modest side, but when done correctly, I think mesh can be the perfect detail your outfit could have been missing.

A brand that might back up this theory would be High Heel Jungle Socks because of their Pastel Pearl Tulle sock in pink. The feminine, mesh-looking sock ends at just above the ankle with multicolor pearl detailing which is something I had never thought of before. While I’ve seen a similar product in stores, this perfect pair was obviously made for this holiday. I personally would never wear them on a casual day because of their untraditional and revealing elements, but I could definitely see someone at New York Fashion week sporting these.

High Heel Jungle Sock’s Pastel Pearl Tulle sock in pink via @highheeljunglesocks on Instagram

Another online clothing store, Mr. Dye, is known for taking name brand socks and making them better. In a post from last year, the brand from the United Kingdom displayed the Valentine’s Day triple pack. This limited-edition deal included three pairs of Nike socks dyed in red, orange, and pink—the perfect color combination for this holiday. While there hasn’t been a post for 2022, I would expect a similar situation for this February. 

I think these socks would match anything simple unlike the tulle socks before. While these pairs couldn’t do a classy outfit much justice, there is a lot of room for interpretation for each and every outfit. And, the nice thing is, these socks don’t just have to be worn for one day—these are timeless, bold statement pieces.

Another accessory that never fails to catch my eye is a handbag by Coach. This heart-shaped crossbody starts selling at five-hundred dollars from secondhand sellers, and I can see why. While it’s small in size, it’s one of the most fashionable items from this name brand that I’ve felt like I need to have in my closet. This item is unrealistic, but there are dupes from almost anywhere that will get the job done for your holiday weekend. 

Coach Heart Crossbody via Carousell

With limited room, I could only imagine that similar designs of this bag are strictly for style points and nothing more—people who like to stay away from impractical items, this bag isn’t for you. But for those who love to pamper themselves on the holidays, I could back you up on why this bag might end up in your online shopping cart.

Whether it be last year’s shoes or expensive purses, Valentine’s Day is the best holiday to expand your wardrobe. Being able to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new this February might be what your outfits need. While these items can inspire your own look, it’s also important to see what makes other people happy—who knows, you might find the perfect gift for your fashion loving friend.