The Cut is giving the best examples of self expression through inspiring women


The most inspiring women today are youthful, stunning, influential, and tend to have a somewhat relatable character. For these women, the cast of Euphoria, they fit these criteria, and that’s why they’ve found themselves on the covers of magazines and news articles such as The Cut.

Released on Valentine’s Day of this year, the leading women of this drama TV series make an impact simply to celebrate spring fashion. While the six girls who share the silver screen are dressed in similar garb, their outfits speak volumes on who they are as a person and to which level of success their character has brought them.

While this article solely focuses on the action of viewers’ lives becoming “Euphoria-ified,” what stuck out to me is the pictures that accompanied the quotes. In the first image, Hunter Schafer and Zendaya—who portray Jules and Rue—are wearing two completely different aesthetics on the same side of the color wheel or lack thereof.

Schafer, from what the viewer can see, is wearing a revealing yet slick dress from While exploring her fame for the past couple of years, Schafer has been known to wear extremely feminine articles to hint at what makes her most inspiring to others: her transition. This year, revealing all of the curves of her body perfectly showcases Schafer’s entire being: classy and bold at the same time. Her hair and makeup, slicked back and simple, adds to her canvas holding this beautiful dress.

Hunter Schafer (left) and Zendaya (right) wearing stunning outfits (

While a lot of viewers will assume Schafer’s photoshoot wardrobe is out of their price range, there are easy ways around this. To be able to achieve this elegant look for a formal occasion, such as a dance, it would be sufficient to order a black dress with interesting, built-in layering. Lucy in the Sky’s Briana Draped Cowl Satin Dress in Black is the perfect slip dress to feel feminine in, to define curves, but still feels somewhat safe.

For Zendaya, her tuxedo oversized blazer, handkerchief blouse, and maxi skirt screams success as a person, not just as a woman. Like Schafer, Zendaya is known to wear gowns that represent the light and dark contrasts of femininity in clothing, so seeing her in something arguably more masculine defines that she has been at the top of her game because of her effort, not her gender.

In Alexa Demie’s solo shot, she is wearing a knitted top and skort from Prada. Whenever I think of this actress, I remember a lot of her red carpet looks which she uses a lot of patterns to catch paparazzi’s eye—why is this shot so different? It could be that the theme of this article itself was more on the darker side, but why didn’t the designer put her in something yellow like some of her co-stars? I honestly think it’s because nothing is ever permanent with Demie, or her character for that matter. 

She’s always been bold in her fashion and experiments when other celebrities might be afraid to. So, stepping down and keeping a simple, monotone look was just as good as something wild because, for her, this was.

Alexa Demie wearing a shockingly simple outfit, but somehow I love it (

While the average citizen isn’t shopping at designer brands like Prada, there are many dupes that will still have you looking as good as this style icon. From LuLu’s, the Welcome Back Black Satin Tie-Back Button-Up Crop Top gives the exact same effect as Demie’s shirt—maybe even better. Contrasting silk with knitting would catch the eye of anyone who might be looking in your direction, but I honestly think a solid skort would still do the trick. From SHEIN, the SHEIN Solid Split Front Skort in burgundy is absolutely to die for. I’ve never been a fan of this cut in any other color, but this would look amazing with the shirt.

More of what I was expecting for Demie was actually beautifully executed by Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat. While this picture wasn’t attached to a quote, her headshot was my favorite piece—it was striking. Her black and yellow makeup was coherent to her black leather jacket and Sunnei’s sleeved top—everything about this had me captivated. 

Throughout Euphoria, Ferreira’s character has the most significant wardrobe change in season one which symbolized her growth as a human—this look could definitely be the next best thing for Kat. While fans will say to separate the character from the actor, from an outsider’s perspective, Kat’s strong headspace and bold actions carry over into Ferreira’s personality. Naturally, I would assume their wardrobes would be similar, especially for season two. 

Barbie Ferreira’s headshot that literally left me speechless (

This top is so quiet and yet so bold at the exact same time, it speaks volumes without needing to say a thousand words. It isn’t quite elegant like Schafer’s or as demanding as Zendaya’s, but it is spectacular in its own way. 

The most important part of fashion is to make an impact and leave viewers wanting more. Fashion is one of the best forms of art, and Ferreira cultivated this perfectly. While you might not be wearing a curled turtleneck with dandelions on it, you should feel just as good as she makes this look. 

In one of the last episodes of Euphoria season two, one of the characters played by Veronica Taylor, said “art should be dangerous,” and I wholeheartedly agree. It doesn’t matter if you feel more feminine or masculine, mute or loud, monotone or colorful, your fashion should make you feel youthful, stunning, and influential, to accompany your somewhat relatable character.

Just like the most inspiring women today.