Emma Chamberlain’s new home sets the standard for all new architecture


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Emma Chamberlain’s main living room in her new home.

The first time I ever watched an Emma Chamberlain YouTube video was in my neighbor’s bedroom inside her massive blanket fort. 

We watched her drive around in her car and drink coffee while she showed us everything that she bought from the thrift store. For a while, her car videos and adventures with the “Sister Squad”—James Charles and Ethan and Grayson Dolan—were one of my main sources of entertainment on my little gray Chromebook. 

It’s been three years since the Sister Squad was a thing, and it’s been about a year since Chamberlain posted videos regularly on YouTube. However, she has been thriving in the world of fashion and fame.

She has a podcast called Anything Goes, she has a coffee brand, she’s attended two Met Galas and was on the cover of Australian Vogue. Most recently, Chamberlain purchased a home built in 1955 and had it refurbished with the help of designers Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman.

Her recently-finished house is the main focus of Architectural Digest’s Nov. 2022 issue. My social media has been infiltrated by people obsessing over the eccentric aura that radiates throughout her new home, and I couldn’t help but join them.

Chamberlain let her creativity thrive within the walls of her new home.

To begin, I’d like to start with one of my favorite aspects of Chamberlain’s new home: the kitchen. The whole space is filled with light, earthy tones. Her cabinets are made of a pale green, vertical paneling that continues throughout the entire kitchen. The ceiling follows the trend of panels, but this time, it is pure wood. Large skylights also share space on the ceiling, and adding that to the window behind the rose gold sink, there is an incredulous amount of natural lighting flowing into the room.

Another focus point of any home would easily have to be the living room. Chamberlain has two luxurious living room spaces, but it’s clear that one trumps the other when it comes to being the main attraction. In an interview with Architectural Digest, Chamberlain mentioned she wants to incorporate a little bit from every decade into her home, which is exactly what she’s accomplished while also maintaining a modern, homey feel to it. 

Emma Chamberlain’s new kitchen (@emmachamberlain on Instagram)

The main living area is gorgeous. Continuing the earthy tones of brown, white, and some green, the room feels extremely bright and open. The vaulted ceilings follow the trend of the kitchen with wooden panels and multiple skylights. The furniture is intricate yet simplistic; it includes a brown sectional couch that curves around half the perimeter of the living room, two white cushioned chairs with wooden accents, and one olive green cushioned lounge chair. There is also an elegant, tan brick fireplace, and an array of greenery to add to the freshness of the room.

Chamberlain let her creativity thrive within the walls of her new home. She—along with the stroke of genius that Drost and Trohman added to the mix—was able to perfectly balance the past, present, and future into one home. Chamberlain incorporated staple pieces from notable decades in the world of interior design. She amplified the modern yet Bohemian style that is quickly spreading across suburban America and set the standard for future homes to be built.

Don’t be surprised if you walk into my future home and it is an exact replica of Chamberlain’s beautiful work of art.