2022-2023 winter fashion guide


neutral colors are a staple in winter fashion

Winter is arguably the biggest season Michigan experiences. Due to living so close to the border of Canada, there is no doubt that we are one of the states to experience the most snowfall and freezing cold temperatures that are rapidly approaching us now that Halloween has passed. 

Some might argue the cold is quite impractical and fashion is the last thing on their mind when it comes to winter apparel. I, however, have never disagreed more. The winter trends that come with the icy temps have proven time after time again to make the cold a little less dreadful. 

As an avid fashion enthusiast, I’m excited to break down and alert the people of FHC to the upcoming winter trend predictions by yours truly, Erika Trisch. 

As an avid fashion enthusiast, I’m excited to break down and alert the people of FHC to the upcoming winter trend predictions by yours truly, Erika Trisch. 

Now, let’s talk about puffer coats, which have gained widespread popularity during the winter of 2022. Let me start by saying that this has got to be up there with my top 10 favorite fashion trends of all time, and I often find myself reaching for one in my wide collection of them in my closet to complete my winter look. The baggy yet short-cut jacket has gained love throughout the world due to the flattering effect it has on everyone. I predict this trend staying relevant in the new winter season as it gives a chic and classy look to any winter fit while keeping you warm and cozy. Throw away the baggy knee-length coats and rock an edgy and warm short puffer coat to pull together any look this winter. 

Winter is no doubt a harder season to find clothes to shape your body and give you a confident look due to the fact tighter clothes are usually shorter, causing you to be more icy cold, but a trend I’ve picked up on that I’ve seen in runway shows is belts. Throw out the crop tops and give yourself a flattering waist-cinching look with any stylist belt to layer on top of your baggy warm top or dress. 

The belt acts as a way to give yourself a figure without freezing yourself to death to achieve the look. Catch me going belt shopping for the perfect snatched winter look to bring to any family holiday.

Straying away from belts and accessories, it’s time to talk about pants: one of the most crucial parts of any winter wardrobe. Denim is forever a classic, and truthfully, I don’t see it ever going out of style when it comes to covering up on a more chilly day. However, new trends I predict to see skyrocket in retail stores this year are corduroy pants and other straight-legged materials in neutral colors.

Regarding pants in spring or summer, I’ve noticed that people use them as a statement piece with bright colors to match the surroundings of nature’s beautiful colors; however, in winter, it’s easiest and best, in my opinion, to hang the bright colors up and go for more nude, natural colors to match the colorless world outside as we wait for the sun to peek back in. 

These straight-legged pants give the illusion of having model-like legs, giving you a sleek and slender look that creates the perfect chic outfit for any winter activity. 

Now, this wouldn’t be a fashion guide if I didn’t talk about the most crucial part of any look: the shoes. For this season, I think we will see a classic comeback that every girl knows and loves: Doc Martens. These durable boots keep your feet warm while also coming in many different colors and giving you the fashionable winter look for the season. 

Another classic is Converse. Although not the most practical in snow, these shoes I find myself grabbing these at any opportunity, especially the platform ones. They give a classic and timeless look that’s sure to pull any outfit right together. 

And that is my lengthy prediction for must-haves in your closet for this year’s winter wardrobe because sadly, it is time to hang up the crop tops and sundresses and throw on a cute puffer to do any winter activity of your choice. Stay warm and fashionable, FHC.