Clue: On Stage exceeded my already high expectations


Annie Douma

The cast of Clue performing during one of their dress rehearsals

Ever since going to see FHC’s production of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella last spring, I have become absolutely enthralled by the talent of the FHC Theater Department. 

When the 2022 fall play was announced, it was already bound to be phenomenal. The production this year was based on a household family game and a familiar movie: Clue. After the preview was shown to the whole school the day before opening night, there was already a prominent buzz of excitement throughout the halls. As an avid fan of the board game myself, It had already been pre-determined from the second the play was announced that I was going to attend, and the preview solidified that fact. 

I attended two out of three of the shows, Thursday at 7 pm and Friday at 5 pm,  and enjoyed both thoroughly. The murder mystery aspect, the incredible set, and my fondness for the cast had me hooked right away. It was undeniable, the immense amount of effort the cast and crew put into the perfection of these performances.

It was undeniable, the immense amount of effort the cast and crew put into the perfection of these performances.

With comedic relief and a thrilling adventure, Clue’s storyline had me invested. The play consisted of six characters, Colonel Mustard (senior Everett Phipps), Mrs. White (junior Gia Monterusso), Mrs. Peacock (senior Marissa Bertocchini), Mr. Green (junior Jonathan Mossner), Professor Plum (sophomore Toby Cameron), and Miss Scarlet (senior Katelynn Heilman), all being summoned to the “Boddy Manor” through an ominous letter. After they all arrive and they eat dinner, it is brought to their attention that each of them is being blackmailed by Mr. Boddy himself ( sophomore Sully Lower). Then the story begins, as countless murders start occurring and no one can pinpoint who the murderer is, they turn to blame each other.

This conundrum leads to a lot of horrified screaming, random dancing, and dramatic running from room to room. All of these factors made the play severely more entertaining. The talent of each of these actors had me beyond amazed and kept me on my toes for the entire show. One of my favorite scenes in the entire show consists of Wadsworth, the British butler (sophomore Keegan Redmond), recapping the entire show to try to come to a conclusion about who the murderer is. Wadsworth gives a rundown of every significant event from the story in record time, imitating Miss Scarlet’s flirty personality, Colonel Mustard’s buffoonery, Mr. Green’s timid demeanor, and so on. This scene had me—and the rest of the audience—laughing uncontrollably. 

Another scene that highlights not just the talent of the cast, but also of the crew, is when the group is changing locations in the house and are running in place. While the cast is running frightenedly, the crew is moving around the different pieces of the set to present a different room in the manor, and they do this quite swiftly. Throughout the entire show, I was in awe of the crew and their ability to help create each and every scene briskly and flawlessly, and their talent does not go unrecognized. 

Another factor that contributed to my adoration of the play was the costumes. Each outfit seemed to fit the character perfectly and brought the story together as a whole. 

With the combination of an insanely talented cast, an incredible set, and astounding crew members, Clue: On Stage exceeded my previously high expectations. I have come to the conclusion that I will never stop talking about the admiration I have for the production and my appreciation for the abundance of talent in the FHC Theater Department.