This season’s top Converse picks


Tom Kemppainen

My tried and true, everyday Converse; neutral yet fun, exactly what I like.

I absolutely love Converse. Yet with a small collection of five pairs (plus my mom’s two pairs), I always reach for the same pair. They’re light green and light gray. The green makes enlargened flower petals with the cream rubber base of the shoe. The eyelets are decked in a matte gold that I half-think is ugly. 

Even though this pair is my tried and true, I am always on the hunt for new Converse, even if I barely wear them. So with that, I present to you my top picks of Converse’s current stocks of shoes.

Now when picking out the most reasonable shoes to buy, I typically go for neutral pairs to ensure easy matching. But sometimes, they’re too cute for any reason to stop me.

The first pair to fit this is the Chuck Taylor All-Star Embroidered Lips. Now I know the name sounds weird. The shoes are light pink with small embroidered red lips lining the shape of the shoe by the eyelets. They have a small red heart with the word “me” at the heel. Although these shoes aren’t the most matchable, I am a sucker for pink shoes. A similar pair of pink shoes I enjoy is the Astral Pink Chuck Taylor All-Star Lift Platforms. They are definitely more simple than the other pair, but the platform and hot pink color make up for it. They’re an online exclusive, so I hope you know your Converse size since you won’t be finding them in stores.

You deserve a new pair of Converse, no matter how many you have. 

The next pair of Converse I would recommend is the Chuck Taylor All-Star Lift Platform Colorblock Overlay. These definitely fit my typical neutral choice better, while remaining fun. With a white base and pops of teal, green, and purple, these shoes are seriously cool. The tongue is a light orange which maintains the cool tones of the shoe while adding contrast but not clash. The laces tie in light orange and green with their rope-like design. The top eyelet ties in the light purple heel with the rest of the shoe. 

Another neutral shoe that I can’t get enough of is the, unfortunately sold-out, limited edition Converse x Notre Chuck 70s. They seem to run off the former brown Converse trend that sparked a couple of years ago. They added a texture to the shoe that the typical brown Converse 70 lacks. They also have long enough laces to wrap around the wearer’s ankle. While that trend is often boasted by those wearing old beat-down Converse with stretched-out laces, these shoes bring it before the wear and tear. They even have a strap on the back to hold the laces in place.

Now, this wouldn’t be a true Kiera shoe lifestyle without mentioning some kid’s-size shoes. The Chuck Taylor All-Star Lift Color Swirl is the perfect victim. Despite the black base, there is nothing basic about this shoe. It is full of swirls of coral, teal, and white, all of which are tied in on the rubber part of the shoe. I know these are kid’s sizes, but as a women’s size 6, I greatly appreciate them.

So here you go, reader, the next shoes to put on your last-minute holiday wish list. Or treat yourself; you deserve a new pair of Converse, no matter how many you have.