2023 fashion trend forecast


The elegant bow trend that can please stay forever

With 2022 coming to an end, we wave goodbye to the trends we have seen blossom throughout the year. We find ourselves making extra closet space for the new crazed clothing items coming into the spotlight this year.

With 2022 coming to an end, we wave goodbye to the trends we have seen blossom throughout the year. We find ourselves making extra closet space for the new craze clothing items coming into the spotlight this year.

Although I’m no fashion expert, I find it to be one of my many consuming hobbies and interests. I scroll through TikTok and watch hours of runway shows just so I can make a prediction and see a glimpse into the upcoming fashion fads of the year. 

One thing I’ve already seen skyrocket in popular stores in the United States and Europe has been sheer clothing. The way the designers find new ways to come up with a creative way to display the fabric year after year has been absolutely fascinating, and this year, I see a huge comeback with sheer sleeves and other tule-like fabrics.

I also believe this is the year 2016 fashion makes its comeback, but I’m specifically thinking about chokers. The necklace that had girls around the world in a chokehold (pun intended) I see making a re-appearance, but it’ll take a new approach to the item: instead of the thick black chokers we saw daily in 2016, they will now have more of an elegant twist incorporating fabric flowers as the main piece on the necklace. 

Another trend I foresee in the near future and personally, one of my favorites, is referred to as elevated denim which basically means denim everything. Denim bodysuits on top of denim jackets on top of denim jeans. Truly, denim never goes out of style, but it’s once been claimed to be a fashion crime to wear only all denim. I think the fashionistas out there are trying to bend the rules, and during 2022 NYC Fashion Week, I’ve noticed many designers incorporating a lot of beautiful denim pieces into their runway shows. 

The color of the year I have quickly noticed getting popular is metallic, and I think the trend will only continue to grow, especially in the pants area. My hypothesis for the shiny color making a comeback is from the one and only socialite, Kim Kardashian, who is arguably a fashion icon of our generation. She has been seen and photographed throughout the past couple of months wearing metallic pants and other clothing items, and if there’s one thing I know about pop culture, it’s that whatever the Kardashians do, we will follow. 

One item that I have personally fallen victim to, and am not ashamed about it whatsoever, is hair bows. Yes, some might see this as a childish trend, but I think it’s so incredibly beautiful and feminine, and my growing bow collection spices up any outfit I throw on and brings it together with a simple clip in my hair. This trend I’ve seen blow up on TikTok and Pinterest and definitely is more girly, but nevertheless, I see this trend staying relevant throughout the next year or so.

Last, but definitely not least, is my prediction about the rise of maxi skirts. Most girls my age, myself included, are often seen wearing mini skirts, which can, quite frankly, become uncomfortable at times; however, brands are fixing this issue by making new and stylish maxi skirts that offer more comfort and coverage for people who really are sick of the micro skirts and want a cozier alternative. 

With the new year bringing new opportunities and styles, I want 2023 to be the year people feel comfortable enough to step outside their normal fashion comfort zone and throw on something that feels like them while also staying stylish. So, this is my prolonged trend prediction for the girls who are ready to take on the new year just a step ahead of the retail stores and become trendsetters, not followers.