NYC fashion week 2023


Coach’s look from their 2023 runway show

The glitz, glamor, and models have once again flooded the Big Apple for their yearly fashion week. 

Fashion week is an iconic week for anyone in the business or an avid fashion enthusiast like myself. This week gives the opportunity for designers to hold their own shows displaying their new lines of clothing for the 2023 seasons. Many of these shows are attended by A-list celebrities and average interns for companies, and it’s a middle ground enjoyed by people from all over the city. 

From Friday to Wednesday, we started with the smaller brands that displayed simple, less flashy items for an everyday person to wear and even sold many seats to people in the public which was very user-friendly. Although not my personal favorite, the smaller companies on Friday made their appearance apparent and definitely left their mark. 

The glitz glamor and models have once again flooded the big apple for their yearly fashion week.

From Thursday to Sunday the end of NYC fashion week the days are jammed packed with bigger brands making headlines by the hour. One of my personal favorite collections I saw was Coach’s show. They displayed beautifully done clothing with a simple yet unique feel playing with different materials but keeping the colors relatively neutral which I enjoyed. I also noticed many of their models had shaggier face-covering hair which I’ve noticed becoming very trending in the fashion world. 

Another favorite was the Tory Burch show which played around with colors but mostly exenterated the neutral colors which I prefer personally for the winter time. It had many different trench coat dress-styled looks, which have been very trendy this winter season, and overall I think the designer and team nailed it on the head with this trendy show. 

Last but definitely not least was the Carolina Herrera show. I highly recommend everyone go watch this because truly I was blown away. The construction of her dresses is so high quality it’s out of this world. She played around quite a bit with the figure of the dresses in a ball gown yet shortcut at the bottom with lots of volume at the waistline which has been very popular, and I saw many dresses at Winterfest with the same shape. 

Overall NYC fashion looks were simple yet beautiful for the winter season, and the event itself is a historic moment that’s bound to return once again but for now, the city has fed me some amazing looks and I can’t wait to see what the designers have in store for their spring collections.