Why raising Drosera is beneficial not only to me


Drosera, a carnivorous species living in Australia and South Africa, poses a great learning curve that many people and should get to traverse in the course of their lives. The Sundew, or Drosera as its scientific name, is a plant type that falls in line with pitcher plants and the more well-known Venus Fly Trap. 

Its appearance is alien-like with large fronds that has pricks with tiny pearls of sticky substances that give a show of deadly moving cactus that kills bugs and other small creatures. The Cape Sundew, the easiest of its kind to grow, is the one I plan to invest in for the next few months or so to try and combat our stink bug infestation. 

Sure, it will cost me a few paychecks to afford a solid terrarium and lamp to substitute sunlight for me to be deemed a proper ‘plant parent.’ That being said, if I do happen to succeed, I have proven myself responsible for keeping something alive. 

Years ago, I once had a fairy garden I kept alive. Through replanting most times and drought and rain, the Hen-and-Chicks survived for a long time. However, I was unable to keep it alive when I separated it to make room for growth. 

Back then I was only maybe twelve or thirteen years old and had a big tendency to forget what I was doing and often let the plant almost die multiple times. Even guilty as charged, I never seemed to get the hang of why I was unable to take care of the plant. 

Now equipped with more knowledge, a computer for research, and money I can do whatever I want, I will take the challenge on again with newfound courage.

This is a skill I wish everyone would take advantage of, especially those who have given up on something they thought they were not good at when they were younger. As people grow, they get better at other things and develop skills that are vastly different from what they were interested in before. 

It is exhilarating to raise something by yourself and feel the pride and fulfillment that comes with achieving it with your own strength. 

Thanks to that, not many people go back to what they were used to and forget all the possibilities they had left behind. I am not saying to go back and dwell on what was wrong but to go back and give abilities a fresh new perspective and start and maybe see it prosper into something even better than what it was. 

Thats the wonderful thing about this world is that it offers humanity multiple choices and second chances. There is no end all be all, but instead when one calls it quits and the other calls it a learning experience. 

The other thing I gain from this is the responsibility. Now armed with the skill to raise a plant that is interesting and epic at the same time shows that I can nurture other things with ease. 

It is exhilarating to raise something by yourself and feel the pride and fulfillment that comes with achieving it with your own strength. 

Not only that, but now I can also finally take revenge on all those stupid little bugs that crawl on my walls and buzz around like useless bees.