Converse gave their summer collections their all this year



Some of my favorite pairs from the mentioned Converse collections.

Though Converse are year-round shoes, their new releases are perfect for this upcoming summer. They’re full of bright colors and patterns, unlike those typically released for colder months.

One of the new summer collections is the Embroidered Bracelet Collection. These four shoes feature an embroidered design that looks similar to friendship bracelets stretching around the heel. Originally, I thought the bracelets were real, I’m a bit disappointed to find they couldn’t be removed and switched out. But luckily, on two pairs of shoes—the Run Star Hike and Chuck 70—there is a colored chain along the bracelet’s path that is real, which gives the illusion of the others being real. These shoes all feature beads on the laces as well.

If you like the beaded look but aren’t a fan of the embroidery, the DIY Bead Collection is perfect for you. The shoes in this collection all come with assorted alphabet beads, as well as some decorative ones, for added personalization. While this is a cool concept, it can be easily achieved with any Converse and a pack of beads from a craft store. The shoes in the collection, however, do feature small embroidery details and colored bottoms. 

Now, I think my favorite pair of Converse for this season would have to be the Chuck Taylor All Star Animal Abstract. The Animal Abstract Collection features only two shoes, so I’m not sure it can be quite categorized as a collection. Nevertheless, these shoes feature fun cartoon animals, rather than typical floral patterns that are released each year. Don’t get me wrong, the florals are great, but they don’t work for everyone. The bold animal prints against the pastel background of these shoes make them both exciting and easily wearable. However, the shape of the Run Star Legacy CX Platform Animal Abstract is unappealing to me. I don’t like the chunkiness of the sole. If I were to grade this collection, it would probably be 80 percent.

My collection has been stagnant in its growth for a few months, but these summer collections may just change that for me, and maybe you, too.

While the Abstract Animal Collection may feature my favorite shoe, the Daisy Cord Collection is my favorite whole collection. This collection combines classic Converse styles with crochet and gold eyelets and patches for an elevated basic look. The color palette for these four shoes was executed perfectly. The white, ivory, and pink shoes give a delicate look while staying practical. The tan shoes are alright, but not my favorite. While the other shoes in the collection have a canvas base that matches the crochet color, the tan crochet is layered over an ivory base. This makes it look like an afterthought to add crochet. The tongue of the shoe is the correct color, so I don’t understand why the normal base isn’t. 

Converse are my year-round shoes. That being said, I try to find the best pairs for each season, whether I plan on buying them or not. My collection has been stagnant in its growth for a few months, but these summer collections may just change that for me, and maybe you, too.