Alaina’s top 10: longest winning streaks of all time


Every team in the history of sports dreams of being an undefeated, menace of a team. From high school football to Olympic basketball, here are 10 of the most dominant teams the sports world has ever seen.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers – 33 games

Led by Wilt Chamberlain, the Los Angeles Lakers went 69-13 and the team’s first championship. While on the team, he also led them to their 33 game win streak, the longest streak in NBA history. Of these 33 wins, 23 of them were won by double digits.

  1. D1 College Football: Notre Dame Football – 38 games

From 1946-1949, the Fighting Irish won every game for four seasons straight. During the seasons they also won three consecutive championships.

  1. D1 College Football: Oklahoma Sooners Football – 47 games

After getting one loss and one tie for the first two games of the 1953 season, the Oklahoma Sooners would win the next 47 games. The streak spanned 3 full seasons. The team was also undefeated in conference play from 1946-1959.

  1. FIFA: Arsenal – 49 games

This European soccer franchise was undefeated from May 2003 to October 2004. During this time, they outscored their opponents 112-35 while being held to just 13 draws.

  1. D3 College Football: Mount Union – 55 games

When their streak of 54 games was broken in an overtime playoff game in 1999, Mount Union football would come back to break its own 54 game record with a new record of 55 games in 2003.

  1. Olympic Team: US Men’s Basketball – 63 games

From 1936-1972, the US men’s basketball team was undefeated in the Olympics, the team was able to get 7 consecutive gold medals. The streak was ended in 1972 when the Soviet Union defeated them. They would then again have another streak of 21 games between 1976 and 1988, which was once again ended by the Soviets.

  1. D1 Men’s College Basketball: UCLA – 88 games

During the 1970-71 and 1971-72 seasons, the Bruins were able to win every game, going 30-0 both years. Along with this, they won both national championships. This 88 game streak is the longest in men’s college basketball history.

  1. D1 Women’s Soccer: North Carolina – 103 games

In the late 1980s early 90s, the Tar Heels of North Carolina were undefeated for a total of five straight years. The team had nine consecutive NCAA championships, these were not their only championships, of 16 seasons, they won 14 of the championships.

  1. D1 Women’s Basketball: UConn – 111 games

Led by coach Geno Auriemma, University of Connecticut was able to go nearly three seasons without a loss. The team won two consecutive national championships in 2015 and 2016. The streak began back in 2014 and ended in 2017 when Mississippi State got a buzzer-beater to put themselves into the national championship. It is the longest streak in college basketball history.

  1. High school football: De La Salle – 151 games

Based in California, De La Salle was the most dominant high school team from 1992-2004. The insane 151 winning streak the team had led to the production of When the Game Stands Tall. During this time the team was able to win the national championship seven times.