Find the motivation


As the school year is nearing its end, motivation to do anything is becoming scarce. The promise of spring break and even summer break should be an incentive to push through, but I know for me it’s not. I’m finding it to be increasingly difficult to actually do each night’s homework; it’s about as difficult as swimming against the current.

I need to find the motivation to finish the school year strong. And you should, too.

We are lucky enough to have access to an education, so take advantage of it. We have the resources and the knowledge needed to complete our schoolwork, but we don’t use them to their full potential. It’s time to make a change in our habits and put our knowledge we gain from a seven-hour school day to use.

I know it’s hard to find time– sports, clubs, and jobs take up most of the afternoon– but there is time hidden under the plethora of daily activities. I know it’s hard to do homework after hours of extracurriculars; sometimes I just don’t do my homework and take the zero. That needs to stop. We must find the balance between taking care of ourselves and our well-being and completing homework. Sleep is always my number one priority, but homework should be a priority as well.

Second semester is in full swing; not a week goes by where I don’t have at least four quizzes or tests in a matter of five days. With a new semester comes a new start, so take advantage of that. Don’t give up studying for that test you know you’re going to fail; study harder so you ensure that you get the best grade possible. Don’t skip homework for your hardest class because it’s too difficult; study harder for that class to stay on top of the workload and maintain a good grade.

While doing homework, I find it easier to get things done when I make a to-do list. I start my homework as soon as I get home from school and don’t stop until it’s done. After I complete each task I get a treat, which can be anything from a bowl of ice cream to a brisk walk outside to give my mind a little break. If I’m studying for a test, I set a timer for twenty minutes and take a five-minute break in between each twenty-minute increment to keep myself focused and alert. Some people find that listening to music helps them; I keep my music low and soft. Finding little things to help make homework a breeze is important to stay motivated and focused.

A bad habit can take twenty-one days to break with hard work and persistence. Motivate yourself to break your bad studying habits. Throw your phone across the room if it’s a distraction and find new ways to make homework less of a chore. Make it a habit to become the best student possible and by the time the twenty-one days are over, it’s second nature.

It’s up to you to make a change. Find your incentives; find your motivation. It’s surprising how much can get accomplished with a little hard work and persistence.