The movie Halloween will make you sleep with the lights on

The movie Halloween will make you sleep with the lights on

Countless scary movies are released every year around October; unfortunately, most get worse over the years. However, the film Halloween keeps viewers on edge and eagerly waiting to see what is coming next.

After 40 years, Halloween was finally remade into a more modern version. The story begins with following two young, anxious reporters looking to uncover the chilling mystery of Michael Myers. Michael is a well-known murderer. He first started his inhumane obsession by killing his sister; however, this didn’t satisfy him, and he continued to kill teenagers. After Michael’s first haunting murder, he was caught. From that point on, the skies of his future began to darken; although he may be locked away, October 31 forever haunted Laurie Strode, the one survivor of the event. Nobody would believe Laurie when she said Michael would come back until it was realized that he escaped. Laurie was prepared as she had trained her whole life for this day.

The 2018 version of this movie grabs your attention with numerous alarming scenes. Each new scene seems to truly elaborate on the harsh truth of death in a very graphic way. Even though some scenes may have been cliché at times, the jump scares never failed to frighten me. As much as I closed my eyes until certain scenes were over, they captured my attention to the point where I forced myself to pry them open.

In addition to the intriguing scenes, the actors did an amazing job with making the movie so entertaining. Each actor was able to display the scenes with great passion, allowing me to feel like I was in the scene right beside them. Their acting has so much quality that it truly makes the movie more recommendable.

To make this film even more spine-chilling, the sound effects and suspenseful music always filled me with more fear. Just before something important would happen, the music would only get louder, and the sound effects exploded into my ear like fireworks. Overall, it created suspense that terrified me but kept me watching at the same time.

While watching this movie, I was shocked by how much it reminded me of the movie Hush. These two films displayed mysterious men in alarming masks, both of them thriving from the aspect of killing. Each film left me scared to sleep in the dark but also brought me excitement.

Halloween is a film that strikes terror into its viewers. Although I had to hide behind my knees while anxiously watching, it didn’t fail to have amazing acting skills and fascinating scenes. Following the old versions of the movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if it grows to be the highest-grossing film in the franchise.