Girls JV basketball defeats the Northview Wildcats 42-23


The girls put up big offensive numbers when they went head-to-head with the Northview Wildcats and were able to pull through with a win, with a final score of 42-23.

To start the game off strong for the Rangers, freshman Julia Carlson and sophomores Ava Metaj and Katie Tellier were able to score double figures to put the ladies ahead big. The Rangers were much more patient with their offense and were also able to reduce their turnovers from the previous game. FHC was also able to frustrate the Wildcats in their inbound-deny pressure, and the entire team was able to keep up a strong defense the whole game.

Julia put up a total of 15 points by the end of the game, in addition to 2 assists and 5 rebounds. Katie finished with 9 points and 3 rebounds, and Ava Metaj finished with 10 points and 2 rebounds. Sophomore Ella Sloat also made her contributions by scoring 4 points and having 1 assist. Some other contributions came from sophomores Chloe Teliczan, Audrey Sidebotham, and Maggie Jenkins. Chloe had 3 rebounds, Maggie had 2 points, and Audrey had 2 points and 3 rebounds.

After a solid Ranger win, the ladies will take on the Red Hawks of Cedar Springs on Thursday, Jan. 10 at Cedar Springs High School.