Boys JV tennis team takes down Grand Rapids Christian 6-2

The boys JV tennis team faced a talented team in Grand Rapids Christian this last week. They were confident going into that match, carrying the momentum from this past week.

The first match of the day was sophomore Shalil Sewant, and he won comfortably with scores of 6-0 both times. Coming out hot, he took care of business securing the first win of the day for the Rangers. The next match was junior Eli Romijn and junior Leo Treash, who took it all the way down to the wire. They lost 11-9 in the tiebreaker of a very well played match.

Freshmen Noah Kriekard and Luke Brown won easily 6-0, taking down two of Grand Rapids Christian’s better players. Freshmen Erik Hansen and Ryan Waite won 6-2 right after that with two strong performances in a row from two freshman doubles teams. The last win of the day came from sophomores Alex Schenck and Tommy Laidlaw, who won 6-1 in a competitive match that they pulled away from towards the end. The Rangers took down the Eagles of Grand Rapids Christian very handily and are feeling very optimistic about the rest of their season.

The Rangers are looking for another win as they head out to face the Pioneers of East Grand Rapids. The Pioneer are a very talented program, so the boys will need to continue this momentum that has been generated and keep improving as time goes on.