Varsity bowling loses 18-12 against Northview

Varsity bowling loses 18-12 against Northview

Last night, the FHC bowling lost to a very good team in Northview 18-12. Almost every year Northview is a top team in the conference, and starting off with a loss against them is tough. They put up a very good fight and losing by only six is not a bad start for the team.

FHC was missing a few of its top players, so other people were going to have to step up. Freshman Peyton Price had an outstanding night along with senior Alex Souza as they finished with two very good scores. Peyton finished with 213, and Alex Souza ending up with 210. 

With this being the first match and not having two key players, it was really going to test what this team was capable of. They showed up and played a very good match. Coach Vermeer seeing his team is in a very good spot even after the loss. After the team is back to full strength, they have all the skill necessary to be a top team in the conference throughout the season.

The Rangers started off in game one with 4 wins out of the 5 people that bowled. They started off on top with a score of 944-853. Starting off the match with this gave them a huge confidence boost going into game two. 

However, game two did not go quite as planned. They lost all five points and by a score of 886-739. Losing that one was tough for the team. Even though it was a rough end to the match, they did start off very good, and they now know they are very capable of beating a good team like Northview.
The next step for the team to take will be to finish. Starting off very hot and winning almost every game is what they need to be able to consistently do to put together a good season.

The FHC bowling team will go up against Cedar Springs on Monday, December 16. It will take place at Rockford Lanes, and the Rangers are hoping to pull away with a win and get their season going on the right track.