Despite not moving on to states, bowling places well at Regionals

Despite not moving on to states, bowling places well at Regionals

Senior Alex Souza and junior Tommy Payne led FHC Bowling during the Regional round of the playoff bracket, but it wasn’t enough for the team to move on to States in team and individual play, as they fell just short of making it into the state round on the individual stage.

The Rangers came into this match after they struggled to find their rhythm the previous weekend in their conference meet at Rockford Lanes.

“We didn’t perform the way we wanted to in our team round on Friday,” head Coach Grant Vermeer said, “but we finished the weekend strong with a strong performance in the individual rounds.”

With Alex and Tommy leading the way as always for the Rangers, Freshman Peyton Price did his job as he always does; he performed well in the team rounds but couldn’t find his rhythm in the individual rounds on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Alex and Tommy had a career day that they would remember for the rest of their high school careers. 

Only the top 10 bowlers of the day would make it into the state round of the bracket. There were over 100 bowlers competing that day, and Tommy and Alex were in the top 10 all day until the last game of the day. Alex fell 10 pins short, and Tommy fell 32 pins short of making it to the individual states, but they finished off their seasons well, and they, and their coach, are proud of the way they finished.

“I am very proud of this team,” Vermeer said. “I am sad to see this season’s team go.”