Player Profile: Ben Kastner


Name: Ben Kastner


Grade: 12


Sport: Bowling


Fun Facts:


Hates bowling


Has been bowling since sophomore year


He is bad at golf


What other sports do you play besides bowling?


“I am a freelance basketball player, and I was also on the cross country team this year.”


What is the team’s ultimate goal for this year?


“The ultimate goal this year is to win regionals.”


What are your personal goals?


I would like to try and break my single game record of 245 pins.”


Why did you join the bowling team?


“I joined because I needed something to do, and I knew the coach before I joined the team.”


Why do you like bowling?


“While bowling does get tedious when you do it every day, I really enjoy getting to hang out with my friends and meeting new guys without having to run sprints.”