Player Profile: Alex Souza


Name: Alex Souza


Grade: 12


Sport: Bowling


Fun Facts:


Plays Guitar


Plays Piano


Likes Math


How long have you been bowling?


“I have been bowling since sophomore year.”


What other sports do you play besides bowling?


“Besides bowling, I do cross country in the fall and track in the spring.”


What is your team’s ultimate goal this year?


“Well, we want to put at least a conference championship on the banner in the gym because there is nothing on it as of right now.”


What is your ultimate goal this year?


“Hopefully to win regionals.”


Why did you join the bowling team?


“My young life leader was the bowling coach, and my friend Ben Kastner convinced me to join.”


Why do you like bowling?


“It’s a nice break in the day as I get to do a fun activity with my friends, also I enjoy competing against schools in our area.