FHC bowling falls 26-4 to the Cedar Springs Red Hawks

FHC bowling falls 26-4 to the Cedar Springs Red Hawks

Senior Ben Kastner had a very good night with a score of 168. He did his part, but the team was unable to capitalize.

Yesterday, the varsity bowling team lost a tough match to the Cedar Springs Red Hawks by a score of 26-4. They are now 0-2 on the season and will have to get going uphill from here.

The team is not bowling its best right now so they do have a lot of room to improve. This is a good thing because their ceiling for this season is still very high and can turn it around very quickly. 

The potential is still very high and still may turn out to be a great season which is what the team is hoping for. A few players have been performing very well these last two matches and doing everything they are being asked to do. 

Freshman Peyton Price has really stepped up this season and has been one of the highest scorers in each of the last two matches. He had a high score of 207 this match and has played at a very high level as of lately.

After the first game, the Rangers were only down by ten points but once again had a rough second game. This seems to be a trend throughout these last two matches where the team starts off well, then begins to not play as well in game two. 

“We’re definitely good enough to beat them just yesterday wasn’t the day,” Coach Grant Vermeer said. 

The Ottawa Hills Bengals will be next for the Rangers on Wednesday, December 18th. They are going to be looking for their first win of the season. It will also be the first home match so they will have that advantage.