The Rangers go 1-1 in their last two matches against Lowell and Forest Hills Eastern

The Rangers go 1-1 in their last two matches against Lowell and Forest Hills Eastern

In the last two matches, the boys JV tennis team went up against Lowell and rival Forest Hills Eastern. They went 1-1 through these two matches and fought adversity throughout.

The Rangers played Lowell first and started off with junior duo Leo Treash and Eli Romijn winning. They lost the first set 6-4 but came back, winning the second set 7-6. The tiebreaker was back and forth with both sides fighting for the win, but Eli and Leo came out on top winning 7-4. Next up was sophomore Devin Holcomb and junior Sam Cooper, winning 6-3 in both matches.

Freshman Luke Brown and sophomore Florence Loewen played great together once again and won their match 7-5 and 6-3. This was one of the Rangers better-played matches. FHC won this match 5-4 against a very good Lowell team, and they are looking very good for the rest of their season.

Next up was another very solid team: Forest Hills Eastern. The rivalry match had both teams fired up and ready to go. The Rangers started out a little rough, going down 3-0 to start. In the fourth doubles match, they finally showed some life with sophomores Liam Sweetman and Sammie Rouvillois. They won the first set to give the Rangers some hope, but the Hawks came back and won set two. It came down to a tiebreaker, putting a lot of pressure on the Rangers who did not want to go down 4-0. It was back and forth, but the Rangers couldn’t pull it off, losing to the Hawks 4-0.

They won the next four straight matches to show some life, but it was too late. The Rangers ended up losing in a very close match 5-4. Next Monday, September 30th, the boys are home against East Grand Rapids and are looking for revenge on a team they lost a tough one to earlier this season.