Player Profile: Addy Scholtens


Name: Addy Scholtens

Grade: 9

Sport: Freshman Volleyball

Position: Outside Hitter

What is your favorite memory so far this season?

“My favorite memory this season was by far, the moment when I realized we won first place in the golden bracket at the MSA fieldhouse tournament. It was so rewarding to see all of the hard work finally paying off, and to see the proud look on Coach Bri’s face.”

When did you start playing volleyball?

“I have been playing volleyball since 7th grade.”

Who/what is your biggest inspiration and why?

“My biggest inspiration is my cousin, Markey. I never would have started playing volleyball if I had not gone to watch one of her tournaments. Whenever possible, she continuously gives me the spirit to improve.”

What are the team’s goals for the season?

“A few of the team’s goals we have for this season are to give 110% every practice and become more consistent as a team on all aspects of the game. We are also working towards being able to run new and different offensive plays every point.”

What is your favorite quote and why?

“My favorite quote is ’Stop wishing, start working,’ because it reminds me that you can’t improve if you are not willing to work hard towards your goals.”