Boys varsity soccer suffers fourth straight loss to Northview 4-1


The boys landed in a similar spot as the first three games in their match against Northview, and as a result, suffered their third straight loss. This match was a rollercoaster, as the Rangers began the game with a strong five minutes of offense and defense. After multiple chances on offense for the Rangers, the Wildcats were providing the pressure as they too found their stride. This pressure quickly led to an unfortunate miscue for the Rangers backline and was followed by another miscue 10 minutes later, making the score 2-0 going late into the half. This was a momentum boost for the Wildcats, which brought another goal. This one, however, was a free-kick just above the box, which was received and delivered into the back of the net by Northview’s tallest player who flicked it in just past the keeper. A fourth goal was scored just before the half from a corner kick off an offender’s hip, making it 4-0 going into the half. 

After a highly-spirited halftime speech, the Ranger defense finally clamped down, halting all chances for the Wildcat offense for the remainder of the game. Hunkering in defensively is one thing, but scoring enough goals to come back from a four-goal deficit is another. Northview knew this and changed their formation to have more players back defending the goal. Even with the blockade of defenders, sophomore Noah Gleason managed a beautiful shot to make it 4-1 as the Rangers were defeated. Two big presences in this game were senior captains Mason Corcoran and Matthew Mahoney. These two are the link that keeps the team together and have proved that time and time again this season.

“The boys know that our miscues are allowing the losses to happen,” head coach Paul Kramer said. “They are hard to overcome, but our upcoming practices will be vital for the success in these upcoming games.”

This brings the boys to 0-4 on the season and in the conference, with a matchup against West Catholic on the horizon on Saturday.