The ocean is a mindless apparatus


Grace Crook

This is the ocean. A mysterious expansion that has yet to be discovered

Grace Crook, Staff Writer

The ocean is a mindless apparatus. It does what it pleases and flows continuously. It does not wait for a convenient time. 

An ocean doesn’t go out of its way to let a boat get safely to shore without a single scratch on the hull. The cold sea whips its waves onto the stern of the small boat, sending it further askew as the wind tries to push it back on course. The ocean is not cordial with the wind. 

An ocean won’t still for a swimmer to finish their feat. Instead, it sinks them underwater. Further down, drowning them in their massive waves. It does not care that the swimmer is losing breath. It does not care that they can’t find their way back to shore. The ocean is a separate entity. 

An ocean doesn’t empty for a seagull to find an easy kill. It conceals the prey, giving it the opportunity to float away. The seagull is left starving, frantically searching for a parcel of food. But the ocean restrains it. The ocean welcomes the hunger of the bird as its own. 

An ocean will not warm for the feet of a person. It remains a glacial body of water that sends chills down their back. It leaves its faint trails of bitter resentment as it whispers the unwelcoming words of the sea. The person hopes it warms as they stand in the biting water. The ocean will never give in. 

An ocean doesn’t prevent a storm. It prepares for the outburst as it draws its waves back into the belly of the water. The storm continues to plow through, destroying everything in its path. Structures collapse until they are a pile of nothing. Then it breaks them down further. The ocean watches. 

An ocean will not wait for you. It will never pause for you to catch up. It leaves you in its wake as it drifts further out. It draws you in and gains your trust to make you feel safe and secure. It spits you out and makes you feel like nothing.

An ocean will never ask how your day is. It hardly cares if you had an inconvenient day. An ocean does not sense defeat and discomfort. It carries on with its system as if it has not been affected. The ocean holds life that can fulfill you, but a single wave to destroy you.

The ocean is my nightmare. I like the ocean.