My friend with social anxiety

I have a friend with social anxiety.

He’s been my friend since first grade.

He’s always loved playing videogames.

He’s one of the most important people in my life and always has been.

He’s not my boyfriend. If anything, he’s another brother.

He’s also my best friend.

He’s someone I’ve grown up with.

He’s been with me through my awkward stages, and I’ve stood by him through his.

He’s someone I value and turn to when times are tough.

He’s someone who has beat me multiple times at Mario Party.

He’s someone who’s always been way more skilled than me at The Legend of Zelda.

He’s the most enthusiastic person I know.

He’s made up most of our neighborhood games.

He’s someone who I share a lot of my favorite memories with.

He’s someone who disappeared to his room for an entire summer.

He’s someone who refused to come out on the Fourth of July, which is the biggest party of the year for my neighborhood.

He’s always loved the big party and usually filmed the whole thing.

He’s someone who yelled at me when I begged him twice to come watch the fireworks.

He’s someone who came back to me one day after almost a whole year of nearly no contact.

He’s someone who, on some days, can barely look me in the eye.

He’s someone who, when he used to tell me he wanted to do something, would immediately go and do it.

He’s someone that now, says he’ll do something, but will back out of it at the last minute.

He’s someone who, after the anxiety took over, would text me before he would dare come to my front door.

He’s someone who now, comes to the door and can make polite conversation with my parents.

He’s someone who can still not look adults in the eye.

He’s someone who has achieved a lot of his goals.

He has just graduated high school.

He’s someone that I’m proud of.

He has plans for the future and will continue to move forward.

This is my friend with social anxiety.