Phone Usage in School- It’s a Problem

Phone Usage in School- Its a Problem

Alexandra VanElls, Staff Writer

Nothing drives me crazier than someone staring at their phone constantly or having it sit next to them all the time. It is completely unnecessary. Yes, it’s great to see what is going on in the world or to text a parent to ask them to pick you up; however, it is not as though you are going to die if your phone is not with you at all times.

Every day, a majority of students will be on their phone during at least one of their classes. Some may even be on it during all of their classes, whether Snapchatting someone or checking their Instagram feed. A recent college study shows that 92% have used their phone to text during class, 24% admit to being on social media constantly, and 10% have admitted to texting during an exam. It is understandable to bring your phone with you to school and check it periodically for any messages from their parents, it is the twenty-first century after all. Technology is changing, so sometimes it is a necessity to be using your phone for school games like Kahoot.

Some students, however, use this as an invitation to play other games that are not school related or go on social media. Statistics aren’t even necessary to prove that this affects performance in school; we all know it does. Putting down your phone and picking up your head to actually look at and listen to your teacher could go a long way for how you perform on tests and how well you understand the material.

So put down the phone. Or better yet, turn it off during class and check it during passing time. Pay attention to the wonderful teachers that are spending six or more hours a day teaching and trying to better you for the future. Listen to them. Don’t stare at your phone screen the whole hour and then when the class is over say, “Wait, what did we do?” Make school your priority and use your phone only when it’s necessary. I dare you to put your phone away for a day.