Hannah Kos, Staff Writer

Over the course of 2016, avocados have blown up. Earning the epithet of “super food,” they have been so over-consumed in the past year that the population of health-freaks and vegans have been suffering from an avocado shortage. Go into any grocery store and you will most likely find piles of avocados, packets of pre-made guacamole seasoning, and pre-made guacamole in an assortment of sizes.

So, when I walked into Target looking to grab a quick snack to eat on the go, I figured grabbing a tub of guac was a safe bet; in fact, I didn’t even think twice about it.

Why would I? First of all, it’s Target, and Target has the reputation of being exceptional; I have never heard of anyone having a bad experience with any of their stores. Second of all, it’s guacamole, and unless I’m unaware of some major ingredient, it’s pretty hard to mess up mashing some avocados, adding a chopped tomato, and throwing it in a tub.

Oh, was I wrong.

As I was eating my guac, I honestly wasn’t paying much attention because I was also driving, so it was just something to fill me up as I was running around town, getting my errands done. In the back of my mind, I do remember a slight thought of, “Hmm. This tastes funny,” running through my head, but I didn’t think too much of it.

It wasn’t until Monday morning when I woke up puking, or Tuesday when I spent the day in bed, unable to get out without being so dizzy I just had to sit back down. When I looked down at the scale after finally getting “better” and realizing I had lost close to seven pounds, I began to think the guac wasn’t a great choice.   

When I returned to school, many told me this was my fault. Who would buy guacamole from Target, anyway? And in a way, maybe it is. Why didn’t I listen to that little voice telling me my guac tasted funny in my head? But no matter what, I’m done buying it for a long, long time.