Though it did not live up to their older music, Weezer’s EP was still enjoyable, nonetheless


The cover for Weezer’s new EP, SZNZ: Spring.

My knowledge of the band Weezer doesn’t go far beyond two of their more popular songs, “Buddy Holly” and “Island in the Sun.”

Other than the well-known facts that the group has been together since the 90s and their music mainly falls under the rock genre, I have very little knowledge of the band and what type of music they have to offer.

After their EP SZNZ: Spring was released on March 20—which is ironically the first day of spring—I decided that this could be the perfect opportunity to delve into their discography.

However, the band started poorly with their first track, “Opening Night.” Though I enjoyed the upbeat instrumentation of acoustics and electric instruments mixed seamlessly into one song, I had no interest in the lyrics. They were extremely repetitive and, quite frankly, annoying. The song was very cheesy and not worthy of the first track position.

The EP switched gears to the second song, “Angels on Vacation.” The intro to the song repeated the word “hallelujah” in a way that reminded me of a Christmas song. Then it cut immediately to a completely different pace of an electric guitar. It was too abrupt, and I wish there was some sort of smoother transition between the two parts. The song itself radiates the vibes of summer in the 2000s, which I enjoyed.

“Wild at Heart” reminds me of being adventurous and daring, all while soaking up the warm, sunny weather.

The third song on SZNZ: Spring, “A Little Bit of Love,” was an overall cute song. In the chorus, Weezer sang, “So if you’re looking for the words to say/A little bit of love goes a pretty long way.” This is a sweet message entailing that it does not take much to make someone’s day turn completely around by showing them affection. The musicality of “A Little Bit of Love” perfectly matched the tone of the lyrics. This song also mixed acoustic and electric guitar, much like “Opening Night,” and even included a consistent drum beat as well. It’s safe to say that this song was one of my favorites on their EP.

Following “A Little Bit of Love” is “The Garden of Eden.” It began with a whimsical piano, accompanied by bird calls, which transferred me to a cool, spring morning. Like most of their songs, however, this one also switched tones abruptly to an electric guitar. “The Garden of Eden” had an upbeat, enjoyable tune, but the instrumentals almost overpowered the vocals during the chorus. 

The fifth track on Weezer’s EP, “The Sound of Drums,” had a sanguine melody that uplifted my mood immediately, and my head bobbed from left to right along with the music. This song sounded like something that I would hear in an early-2000s rom-com—which can be seen as both a good and bad thing. On one hand, I enjoy the nostalgia that the musicality brings back to me, yet, on the other hand, the lyrics are extremely cheesy, especially when they sing, “Now that we’re together/We’re gonna sing you a song.” I’ve never been a fan of singers addressing listeners like that, as it gives off the same energy that children’s songs have.

Coming up as the sixth track on SZNZ: Spring is “All This Love.” Following the common trend throughout this EP, “All This Love” also contains a positive mood and message encrypted in the lyrics. After two years of staying distant from all of their loved ones, the members of Weezer are expressing their excitement that the world is opening up again and they can once again show their affections towards the people they admire most. Other than the ongoing repetitiveness in the chorus, “All This Love” was adequately pleasant to listen to.

The seventh and final track on the EP, “Wild at Heart,” opens with a fun and edgy electric guitar moment. The song is a great way to encapsulate my ideal mindset to go into spring and summer. It reminds me of being adventurous and daring, all while soaking up the warm, sunny weather. The musicality also plays into the mood with its quick tempo. Though “Opening Night” did not do the best job at opening SZNZ: Spring, “Wild at Heart” did a fantastic job at closing it up.

With Weezer’s newest EP retaining the title of SZNZ: Spring, the band did an amazing job of capturing many aspects of the season, from the refreshing weather to the feeling of freeness that is an added perk to the warmth. Though this EP is not unutterably fantastic like some of their earlier works, this is still a great EP produced by Weezer.