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Taylor Swift added to her Reputation at the 2023 VMAs

Taylor Swift rocking her black gown at the 2023 VMAs

On September 12th, the annual MTV VMAs occurred. 

The VMAs are always highly anticipated and are arguably one of the most significant nights for pop culture. The events are discussed for months before the night. It consists of nominations, performances, awards, a red carpet, and pop culture moments to be written into history books. 

The notorious Taylor Alison Swift has undoubtedly earned a spot in the most significant of books following her 2023 role in the awards.

Swift entered the awards receiving eleven nominations, eight solely for herself, and three for her music video crediting her fellow directing team. She ended the night with nine wins, creating a spot for herself in most wins in a night and making second in most wins overall, falling just short of Beyonce. With the addition of these awards, she has now racked up 23 VMAs overall, along with countless other awards. 

The award categories differ drastically, showing that Swift is able to dominate in areas other than singing. The artist won the video of the year for “Anti-Hero” to begin the night, presented by the reunited NSYNC. She then continued the streak by winning Best Direction for “Anti-Hero”, Song of the Year for “Anti-Hero”, and multiple others. 

The award categories differ drastically, showing that Swift is able to dominate in areas other than singing

Besides the actual awards, Swift left other impacts on the audience at the VMAs. Some were as simple as dancing to “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato. Photos of Swift with her close friend, Selena Gomez, were released, each of them looking pristine. As previously mentioned, NSYNC presented Swift with one of her awards, and she commented how amazing it was that they were presenting it cause she used to have their promotional dolls. 

Outfits are always a significant topic at awards, and there was a lot of discussion on Swift’s simple black dress. 

Taylor Swift is notorious for her constantly hidden hints about what she is planning. They are found in her outfits, posts, timing, and more; they leave Swifties searching for what she could possibly be up to next. 

With the recent rerecordings of her previous albums, it is in high anticipation of when the next album will be announced. Swift recently released Speak Now Taylor’s version, and 1989 Taylor’s version is set to be released on October 27, 2023. Fans are in anticipation of another album announcement, especially since the Era’s Tour is resuming in November following the release of 1989’s Taylor’s version. The slightly edgy, black dress is leading fans to believe that this is all part of Swift’s plan for the next re-release to be Reputation. Although this is not confirmed, many believe it is destined to be next. 

The night was full of memorable moments that will go down in history— and will also soon probably have memes or trends based upon them. Taylor Swift had a monumental night and earned many titles. Hopefully, we will see a new album announcement in the coming months, if the stars align, but only time will tell.

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