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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2023: Eva Harshman


To the TCT staff, for being my everything

Kiera, for being one of the most influential writers on our site and also one of my longest-term friends. Saniya, for being both brilliant and outspoken in everything you do. Alysse, for being the sweetest shoulder to lean on and someone I can always trust both in and outside of class. Eva, for being one of the most elegant and beautiful writers in the history of TCT. Mikayla, for letting your creativity brighten your readers and classmates. Tilley, for being so friendly and kind to everyone you speak to; regardless of the day, you always find a way to be selfless. Arpita, for working so hard and persevering through anything that comes your way. Alex, for being so involved and inclusive in each setting that you’re in. Ellerie, for being a kind and quickly advancing writer while being one of the funniest staff members. Evvy, for writing stories that make me go “yes!” while being one of the coolest people I know. Ella, for taking on challenges that you know will help you grow and rise to the occasion. Addie, for consistently being one of the most mature and helpful staff members while being incredibly fun to be around. 

To Georgie, Leon, and Thirsty, for being the best trio of pets:

Georgie, for sticking with me for the past 10 years. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much I love your little whiskered face and how you’ve been in my life for the majority of it despite being a bunny. I never realized how much personality a one-pound animal could have until I met you, and I couldn’t be happier. Leon, for being exactly what I dreamed of. I’d been begging for a dog for probably 12 years, and when you finally came home, I asked to return you. Thankfully, I got over that fear of change pretty quickly, and you are now an irreplaceable part of the family and my favorite cuddle buddy. Thirsty, for being my best friend, and if an animal could be a big brother, you would be mine. I’m a challenge for you, and you’re a challenge for me; I am beyond blessed to be able to grow with you. Let’s make the most of our year together.

To Sofia Hargis-Acevedo and Addy Cousins, for being my Besties-in-Chief

Addy, for sticking with me since freshman year and being my buddy from day one. You never leave me hanging and you’d give me the shirt off of your back if I asked you to. You’ve worked harder than anyone else in TCT to get where you are today, and I look up to you for your hard work and dedication to whatever you do. Never change. Sof, for being someone I’ve respected for so long. You’ve always inspired me as a writer, and once I got over my jealousy of your talent and perfection, I’ve finally been lucky enough to work by your side. We work together much better than I ever expected, and I’m beyond thrilled that we’ve gotten so much closer. It really is so strange to me that we were never best friends like this because of how happy I always am when I’m around you. I think the constant giggles coming from the couch sum up our friendship pretty well.

To Mr. George, for giving me a voice

You are the reason I stayed with writing. If it weren’t for your inviting and fun class, I probably would have dropped journalism after freshman year. I joke that you drive me crazy–and honestly, at times, you totally do–but I only say that because I know you are pushing me to be my best self. This year, you have encouraged me to be more independent and a better leader, which is something that will benefit me both inside and outside of TCT. 

To Mom and Dad, for uh…

How do I thank my parents? I have no idea. There is no way to thank you for every day of my 17 years of life. 6,476 days to date. Trying to cram all of that time into a paragraph in a high school newspaper is a bit beyond my scope. I’m not really the sappy type, and I’m sure you know that, so I think a big “thank you” and “I love you” do the job better than anything else that I could write.

To Olivia Harshman, for being my sister

Sorry for intruding on your three years of peace, but too bad. I don’t know if it was worth it to you, but I’d actually die of boredom without you. Who else would I have TV nights with? Who else is as big of a nerd as I am? Who else would I share the job of driving Mom and Dad crazy with? What I’m saying is thanks for being around and hanging out with your little sister who doesn’t shut up.

To Melinda Xu, for asking, “What’s your major?”

When you’re stuck with someone, your friendship is tested. While we’re not really stuck together, we were the only two out of our friend groups to have second lunch, and besides four of us, the class is entirely composed of boys. So, we definitely spend a lot of one-on-one time together. Needless to say, that’s only let us get closer; between uQuizzes, @cursedemojioftheday, and the most horrifyingly awful Instagram Reels, we haven’t grown apart in the slightest.

To Jiya Patel, for being Perry the Platypus

I don’t think anyone else would think this, but we are the same person in different fonts. Yes, my font makes me a comfy dresser who speaks too loudly and yours makes you a chic dresser who walks with elegance. However, we are practically twins: both of us have broken humor, dentist mothers, spicy food obsessions, gifted kid burnout, and bad luck with driving. We get annoyed by the same things and have a perfectly timed side-eye at each other when we see something “interesting.” Your friendship is one I never want to lose.

To Penelope O’meara, for being my right-hand man

Pen, Penopoly, Pen-a-lope, Pen-a-low-pee, Peenie, Nelope, Nelly, Melon, Cantaloupe, Penne Pasta O’marinara. Based on the sheer amount of nicknames I have for you, it’s pretty clear that I love to be around you. From tears in math class to laughter at OM, we go through everything together. I honestly don’t even know what I’d do without you–nothing would be the same. Thank you for brightening my every day and suffering through Calc with me.

To Emma VanTongeren, for being so supportive

“POV: you and your friend do the same sport, just at different levels.” Yeah, we do. I dink around with Thirsty while you blow away the competition on whatever horse you’re on, from Remi to Bear. But honestly, that doesn’t matter to us. You’re always there to support me and were so excited for me when I finally got Thirsty. Your empathy is unmatched, and you feel for me like I feel for myself. I’ve never understood how someone can be so kind, but I’m so lucky to be around someone with such a special gift.

To Ellory Zietz, for understanding without knowing

Who is up with me in the middle of the night texting? That’s right, it’s you. We have horrible sleep schedules, but that’s what makes it fun. We tend to be on the same wavelength a lot, and even when I blather on about things nobody else cares about, you’re always there to listen. I don’t think you understand just how cool of a person you are–someone who takes the time to have sensitivity for others is hard to come by. Thank you for being someone I can always trust.

To Saniya Mishra, for sitting on the same couch as me

Sitting in opposite directions on the chair in room 139 is just one of the ways that our friendship is, well, odd. We have a unique relationship, but it stems from a place of feeling safe in your presence and letting stress go. You’re a lot of fun, and your quirky personality rubs off on mine, which always helps me feel happy and carefree.

To Gavin O’meara and Ayden Fisher, for being my brothers from other mothers:

I only have a sister, but growing up, most of my friends were boys, so they were practically my brothers; you two have filled the void they left. For a while, you guys were just kind of “Penny’s little brother and his friend,” but now you’ve basically become my siblings as well. I’m glad I finally have some buddies to roughhouse with, and even though getting beaten to death with a pillow isn’t always the most pleasant experience, I’m glad you guys are around and hanging out with us now that we’re older.

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About the Contributor
Eva Harshman
Eva Harshman, Editor-in-Chief
Eva Harshman is a senior who is thrilled to be entering her fourth and final year on staff as Editor-in-Chief. Apart from writing for The Central Trend, she enjoys riding her Thoroughbred, Thirsty, spending time with friends, and watching her favorite TV shows for hours on end. She is also an avid competitor in Odyssey of the Mind alongside her teammates who also happen to be her best friends. Although she tends to stick around the people she knows best, The Central Trend has broadened her horizons beyond compare. Being a part of Room 139 has taught her so much; she has met so many people thanks to The Central Trend.   Favorite type of story: Editorials Pets: A bunny (Georgie), a dog (Leon), and a horse (Thirsty) Dream vacation: Tokyo, Japan Favorite books: The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie MBTI and Enneagram: ENTP-T 8w7

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