Player Profile: Katie Johnson


Name: Katie Johnson

Grade: Junior

Sport: Swimming

What success have you had recently?

“Recently, I have had success in the 200 IM. I like swimming that event a lot more than other events that have previously been my main events. I enjoy swimming a different event and it is shorter than the 500, which makes it less stressful in my eyes.”

Why do you swim?

“Sometimes when I am getting out of bed at 5 AM to jump in the cold pool, I ask myself the same question. At this point in my career, I would say I am doing it mainly for the team and I think the rigorous schedule helps me manage my time.”

What are your goals for this season?

“My goals for this season are to get a best time in my 200 IM at Conference and to be nominated next year’s captain at the banquet.”

What is your biggest inspiration in swimming?

“I would say my biggest inspiration is my younger sister. This year, being on the team with her has been a great experience. We have been swimming on club teams together since a very young age, but to go through the high school season with her has brought us closer than ever. When I had my older sister on the team my freshman year, I took notes on how I wanted to learn from her or how to and how not to treat my younger sister when she is on the team. I hope I am being the best role model for her that I can be and having someone to do all of the early morning practices with me really helps. She is definitely my motivation.”

What are your plans in the upcoming years?

“I plan to end my swimming career after high school. I am thinking about going to either MSU or Hope and become a teacher, but I believe that life can change so fast and whatever you think may be the best thing for you could be inaccurate, so I like to keep my mind open.”

What is a distinct memory you have about your swimming career at FHC?

“My favorite memory from my swim career is bringing my friend Jayla Williams to the team. It has been such an experience to watch her become a better swimmer and watch the team love her just as if she was there the whole time.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“My life quote is to “Never Assume.a�� This doesn’t necessarily have to do with swimming, but I believe that so many things go on in a person’s life that we can’t see from the outside, so it is wrong to assume things you don’t know.”