The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: “Saturday” & “This Is America”


I am an avid fan of Saturday Night Live. When it was announced that actor and rapper Donald Glover would be hosting and performing on SNL, I was ecstatic. Upon watching the episode, I was shocked when Glover performed two brand new songs. After taking an almost two-year break from music, Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover), has released two fantastic new tracks that can excite listeners everywhere.

Donald Glover, commonly known under pseudonym Childish Gambino, is a musician, actor, dancer, and comedian. After gaining ground as a writer for 30 Rock, Glover began to release music under the name of Childish Gambino. He quickly made a name for himself through several albums, which included hit track “Redbone” from Awaken, My Love! After announcing his next upcoming album would be his final, Glover hosted and performed on SNL with two new tracks. If these tracks are any indication as to what his album will contain, I could not be more excited.

The more popular of the two singles is “This Is America.” This track has a more mellow start that continues to layer and grow more complex. As the song continues, there is a blend of many different elements, including rap, R&B, gospel choirs, and more. The lyrics seem to be very simple and repetitive, but it is inferred that there is a much deeper, and political, meaning. I appreciate that the song is not in your face about the political stance, but rather leaves it to your interpretation.

“Saturday” is a more traditional R&B song. This song truly showcases Gambino’s talent as a vocalist. His perfect pitch is absolutely amazing, and he showcases his strength as a vocalist. This song is like a stroll in the park; it sets a great mood, making you relaxed, yet happy, at the same time. I believe that the track is a great song for summer. While the studio version of this track has not been released yet, the live version sets very high expectations.

If this is truly his last album, as he has been saying, I would be very disappointed. I believe that these two tracks have set the bar very high for the album as a whole. I cannot wait to hear the album, whenever it may come out. While it is bittersweet that it may be his last, I am very excited for what the future of Childish Gambino holds.