Tommy Anderson Bowls a High 218 as FHC Bowling Wins Against Ottawa Hills 26-4

Tommy Anderson did it all for FHC bowing on Monday as they breezed through Ottawa Hills by a score of 26-4. Overall, the team performed great, and they looked strong coming into the match.

FHC Bowling came into this match after a hard-fought win against Cedar Springs, and the boys looked to keep up their winning ways.

“We continue to perform strong,” head coach Grant Vermeer said. “The guys have really put in a lot of work, and it’s showing with our wins the last few weeks.”

Along with Tommy’s amazing performance, seniors Ben Kastner, Alex Souza, David Mason, and junior Tommy Payne all had their respectively good scores, with each bowling a 150 or higher in each game or both games. 

“In the end, we came clutch in the baker games and sealed our victory,” Vermeer said.

The Rangers did face Lowell on Wednesday, February 5th, and they will face Greenville in a revenge match on Monday, February 17th at home at Eastbrook Lanes.