Player Profile: Tommy Payne


Name: Tommy Payne


Grade: 11


Sport: Bowling


Fun Facts:


He is on the drumline


Has a dog and a cat


He has built his own computer


How long have you been bowling?


“This is my second year.”


Do you play any other sports besides bowling?




What are some hobbies of yours?


“I like to play on my drumset, play video games, and hang out with friends.”


What is your ultimate goal as a team this year?


“To place at least top 3 in our conference.”


What are some of your personal goals this year?


“To have an average of 175 pins or higher in match play.”


Why did you join the bowling team?


“My sister, who has graduated now, was on the team and encouraged me to join.”


Why do you like being on the bowling team?


“It is very fun, and a relaxing thing to do after school.”