“Till Forever Falls Apart” beautifully depicts the strength of friendship



The cover for “Till Forever Falls Apart.”

In this day and age, there are far too many songs about heartbreak.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good song to cry to, but for a girl who has never been in a relationship, songs like those are anything but relatable. I want to listen to a song that doesn’t make me feel left out of the loop. I want to relate.

Thankfully, singers Ashe and FINNEAS released a song to perfectly fill the void of exclusion.

“Till Forever Falls Apart” was just released by the duo on March 2 and has already surpassed three-million listens; all of which have been rightfully earned.

Ashe and FINNEAS have known each other for about four years. Throughout that time period, they have grown to become very close friends. On an Instagram post promoting their new song, FINNEAS wrote in his caption: “This song, to me, is a love letter to friendship and I think songs like this one are important. Friends are important. Ashe is important.”

To sum up the “Till Forever Falls Apart,” Ashe and FINNEAS sing about how, through all of the hardships and rough patches we all go through during our lives, the longevity of their friendship will last forever. Even if the world was ending, death would still be the only thing standing in the way of their friendship. In the song, Ashe and FINNEAS sing: “I’ve spent a lifetime giving you my heart, I swear that I’ll be yours forever, ’till forever falls apart.” Along with this, the two of them sing, “’Till death do us part.” Using lyrics like these, they perfectly depict the everlasting bond of friendship.

I swear that I’ll be yours forever, ’till forever falls apart.

— Ashe and FINNEAS

The combination of piano, bass, and guitar creates an upbeat yet mellow tune, fitting perfectly with the lyrics. The musicality of the song projects sanguine and cheerful energy to its listeners, including me. With the immaculate musicality, the beautiful singing, and the timeless theme of friendship, “Till Forever Falls Apart” checks off every box on my list of criteria for a good song.

“Till Forever Falls Apart” is very uplifting and overall a happy song. Not every love song has to be about boyfriends and girlfriends, and it was very nice for me to see a change.

I believe that friendships are a very important thing in a person’s life. Our best friend is the one we tell everything to, the one we cry with, and the one we will forever hold on to. Ashe and FINNEAS portrayed that aspect of friendship flawlessly in “Till Forever Falls Apart.”

There are countless love songs that I, among others, have never been able to relate to. “Till Forever Falls Apart” shines a light on the strength that friendships have. I believe that this song will catch the eyes of many different music listeners, especially the ones who are tired of all of the heartbreak.

This is a love song that I can finally relate to.