A gloomy forecast entails some chic rainy day fashion

I am a thunderstorm enthusiast. I love the pitter-patter of the rain; I love the excitement of thunder; I love the blinding flash of lightning. I love the spring. But most of all, I love the fashion that rainy days entail. I love the in-between-seasonal style of winter and summer.

Michiganders experience rain frequently—April showers tend to come early. Just as the snow begins to melt, Mother Nature calls for the rain clouds. And when we are blessed with the angelic droplets, we need to take advantage of it. We need to take advantage of the clothes and the shoes that Mother Nature is begging us to wear to make those gloomy days a little brighter. 

Obviously, raincoats are a must. Although they may be deemed ugly or uncomfortable, there are some really cute windbreakers that can be put to the test on a rainy day. Any bright-colored raincoatlike a red or a pink or a blue—can be a great pop of color to serve as the main focus of one’s outfit. However, I advise avoiding the stereotypical yellow raincoat; it can look immature and juvenile. Additionally, wearing a neutral coat could bring a more mature vibe to the look, like a black, white, or beige. 

Moving down the look to the pants; any neutral-colored pant can bring the look to the next level if worn with a bright-colored raincoat. Since most fashionable raincoats can be long, the pant may only pop out slightly. Also, keeping the thought of rain boots in mind, the pants will be the least of your worries in your rainy day fit.

We need to take advantage of the clothes and the shoes that Mother Nature is begging us to wear to make those gloomy days a little brighter.”

That brings me to my next fashion item and perhaps the most important item: boots. Rain boots are a must. The boots are what is going to really tie your look together–bring it to the next level, if you will. Hunter boots have been popular for years; I got my first pair in middle school. And although I rarely wear them today, they are still really cute and trendy. I own black ones—the color I like best—and it’s really convenient because they pair beautifully with anything. However, I do think the classic red ones are extremely nice as well. That is, if you want your rain boots to be one of the focal points of your style. 

Hunter sells knee-high boots and ankle-high boots. I have the knee-high ones—because that’s what was trending back in seventh grade—but I really do love the short-legged ones. They aren’t as loud; they add something so subtle, but so cute to the look. 

When it comes to hair on a rainy day, don’t bother styling it. The humidity and the rain itself will destroy your curl or flat iron within seconds. I advise a messy bun; they may be hard to achieve—as ironic as that sounds—but they add an aspect of comfort to every look.

So when the April showers roll in, let your fashionista flowers bloom.