Met Gala 2022 predictions


Kendall Jenner (left) and Gigi Hadid (right) at the Met Gala 2021

Later tonight, on May 2nd, 2022, the Met Gala will be broadcasted, and the most influential celebrities will be seen wearing their very best. This year’s theme is “America: an anthology of fashion,” meaning the celebration of written works or poetry across the continent. The most exciting part of the entire event, the guest list, still hasn’t been released, but I have some guesses as to who will be there and what they will be wearing.

Last year, Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband were seen wearing all black bodysuits representing how their figure and position in society has shaped America’s socialites. This year, I am predicting that Kim will arrive with her boyfriend: Pete Davidson. Instead of a dark aura and overall edgy ambiance, I’m expecting something elegant and on the lighter side of the color spectrum. I also think Kim will take the opportunity to one-up Kanye West and do something to shock the internet. But for sure, this dress will be shiny and a piece that no one else will be wearing—I’m definitely thinking silver or something purple to represent success.

Julia Fox has been going viral recently, and I can see her going, by herself, wearing a poem on her outfit. I’m thinking “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe—she would wear something dark with her statement eyeliner turned cat mask. I can also see this outfit being pointy on the shoulders or having spikes on the heels. She is going to wear something dark, edgy, and the complete opposite of Kim. Or she’ll wear something cringy with the meme that made her more relevant, talking about being the muse for Uncut Gems.

I honestly do not think Lilly Rose Depp is going to make an appearance because of the court case that her dad, Johnny Depp, is part of. Likewise, I know for a fact that Zendaya won’t show because of her busy work schedule. 

I believe that Cara Delevingne will wear something with different book covers all over her outfit or she will wear a dress out of books, Lady Gaga style. But I do think each book title will have a similar theme or just all be recognizable. She will most definitely wear something that has a loud, extremely literal, and possibly controversial statement. 

I believe Lili Reinhart will make another appearance and take the theme more literally than other celebrities. Last year, she represented America and it’s unity through every state flower all over her dress. This year, I think she would follow the idea that “words are worth a thousand pictures.” There will be illustrations all over this dress, maybe even pantsuit, from rich history. I could see iconic images like the Mona Lisa or the statue of liberty imbedded in different corners of a dress like this.

I really hope Rihanna and A$AP Rocky will make their usual iconic appearance, but it’s rumored that their baby is due this month, so it’s really fifty-fifty. I think A$AP would wear a street-style piece, commemorating the art behind graffiti, and Rihanna will wear something stunning that highlights her baby bump—maybe a two piece.

I could see Lil Nas X not attending this year because of his absence from social media would continue into large events as a publicity stunt for his new work. But, if he does show, I can see him wearing something black and white. Last year, his outfit was extremely flashy and had multiple layers. This year will be simplistic and out of the ordinary for him. 

Right now, Billie Eilish’s hair is black, but it’s been a trend for her to change up her hair throughout the year. I think this would be the perfect event for her to do another redo. I think Billie is due for white hair, and if she doesn’t do it for this event, I know she will do it eventually. I think it’s common for celebrities to show up to the Met Gala a year later wearing something completely opposite of the time prior, and Billie will be no exception of this. Her outfit might follow a heavy theme having to do with issues such as “no means no.”

I’m over the moon to see how these icons show their take on written works that have shaped America; this will be the best Met Gala lineup that the media has ever seen. Tune in to the event through Vogue’s Instagram or Expect a response article to this one addressing my predictions and analyzing the pieces I did not mention.