Addressing the Met Gala 2022 predictions and comments on 40+ looks


Pete Davidson (left) in his Prada suit and Kim Kardashian (right) wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the 2022 Met Gala

If you haven’t read my story where I made predictions for multiple celebrities, anything from if they would make an appearance all the way to what outfits they would wear, make sure to check that story out first to understand the full extent of my excitement when I get some of them correct. Also, make sure to follow along with me (Vogue’s 2022 Red Carpet Fashion look book) to look at every outfit that I am commenting on.

Addressing the predictions:

Billie Eilish was so far off the mark of prediction because I thought she would wear something towards the idea of power of words and any issues having to do with drowned out voices—Billie just did something completely different. I honestly think her Gucci dress with green sleeves, pink detailing, and a corset was beautiful in so many different ways, but I hate that Billie is the one wearing it; her black hair and black necklace did not do the light, feminine, fairy aesthetic that she was going for any favors. However, Billie’s dress is strikingly similar to the 1885 portrait of Madame Poirson by John Singer Sargent, so maybe she was right on theme.

Bella Hadid

I was so excited to see Bella Hadid back on her usual red carpets since the small break that she took last year. I think Riccardo Tisci’s sultry gown was extremely similar to her 2021 and 2019 as well, but I still enjoyed it. She encompassed the theme perfectly with her black corset moment—there was nothing to be mad about.

I am always a sucker to see what Cara Delevingne wears to every event, and I might have been wrong about her take on the literature part of the event, but I was on the mark by saying, “she will most definitely wear something that has a loud, extremely literal, and possibly controversial statement.” The jewelry, Dior’s red pants, red coat used as an accessory, gold body glitter, and pasties used as a shirt definitely checked off all of those boxes. While I may blindly support this woman’s stylistic choices, I think this is the most impactful piece by far and was a step up from her look in 2021.

David Harbor is one of my favorite actors because of his true talent and the raw emotions he displays on screen, he really carried this over into this year’s Met. He wore something spot on from the time period, everything from the overcoat to the top hat and even the cigar.

Dove Cameron

I was literally screaming when I saw Dove Cameron was at the Met Gala because I knew in my heart she would be at the event based on how in love social media has been with her recently. I genuinely think she has always been a force to be reckoned with, but this definitely secured this idea in everyone’s minds. Everything about her outfit designed by Iris van Herpen was stunning, and while I may not have understood the story behind her piece at first, it is flattering, exactly what I wanted from her, and gave in every way you could have wanted. After further research, I realized the back detailing was made to mimic bustles from the 1900s, and this was perfect.

Kim Kardashian

I completely called it when I said Kim Kardashian was going to do something completely different from last year. She is wearing an elegant dress that’s aired on the lighter side of the color spectrum; I also called that the dress would be shiny and silver. The best part of this piece is that it used to belong to Marilyn Monroe in 1962, which she wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy. However, for upkeep purposes, Kim changed into a replica later in the night. While this dress is incredibly important to America’s history because of its past owner, I selfishly feel a little disappointed in the fact that she met my expectations, but did not exceed them. However, coming in with Pete Davidson and wearing this aura on her was a power move—you could feel Marilyn throughout the night. Kim Kardashian always serves looks, and this was no exception.

Lifestyle writer, Coco Corey commented, “There was an odd amount of people that interpreted the theme as old Hollywood and wore 1920s, almost flapper style dresses, which was a completely different decade, as the Gilded Age is more late 1800s. Kim K wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress, which would definitely fit the theme of Hollywood glamor, but I didn’t really see how it fit into the theme of this Met Gala.”

I was right in guessing that Lil Nas X wouldn’t show up, as well as Lilly Rose Depp.

Olivia Rodrigo

I was so excited to see Olivia Rodrigo going to the Met Gala because of her recent musical success that just can’t be ignored. This was a step up from last year’s interesting look. I love the continuation of her purple theme, which most likely was honoring her Sour album. This Versace gown was classy and totally on par for her—I enjoyed that her ambiance was grown up yet youthful at the same time. My only complaint would be her makeup, she looks far too intimidating for the girl we know, and I think it might have just been the harsh lighting, but she didn’t receive any points for that attempt.

While I was only right on a couple of my predictions, I wasn’t too disappointed. I was in love with the fact that most of my guesses for the guest list were correct. This year was far more successful than any year prior in terms of who was invited.

Addressing the best and worst unmentioned:

I cannot say that I loved actor and singer Anthony Ramos’s outfit, but I do know that I am in love with the fact that he was at the event. Anthony has been such an icon over the past years of his inclining career with Hamilton and In the Heights. Weirdly enough, I feel like a proud mom watching him walk the carpet after all he’s accomplished recently—he is getting the recognition that he deserves right alongside his coworker Lin Manuel Miranda.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively single-handedly stole the show from her husband Ryan Reynolds, and I am here for it. She started off with a floor-length gown that was predominately orange and rose gold—it was beautiful, especially the large bow on her right hip. But, the best part was her quick change. By releasing the train of her dress down the stairs, this showed the underside of her train which was ice blue, but she also changed her gloves to match. I will admit, the change was a little awkward at first, but with the help of three men, Blake’s already unique dress turned into a piece worth being on display. I always love when celebrities add fun, visual elements to the show. I honestly think Blake will win best dressed this year for Gilded Glamor because she looked like a true princess. I only wish that Ryan would have had a hint of blue or rose gold in his suit.

Camila Cabello

Coco continued, “Blake Lively was hands down best dressed. Aside from her looking absolutely stunning, she was so on point to theme. Her gown was a nod to Gilded Age New York, and the bodice of the dress represented the Empire State building architecture. The train of her dress was copper to represent the initial Statue of Liberty coloring, but later in the night, it turned blue to represent the oxidation of the statue. The blue fabric revealed a constellation pattern which was a constellation of the Grand Central Station. Her tiara also had seven tiers because the Statue of Liberty has seven rays as well as 25 stones for the statue’s 25 windows. This look was breathtaking; Versace nailed it.

I have always had a strong dislike for Camila Cabello since her song “Havana” came out because it was overplayed and the fact that the media has had an addiction to deeming her unprofessional. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her Prabal Gurung outfit and hair by Andrew Fitzsimons were very put together for this event, far more than other celebrities could say. She definitely won’t be winning best fit for the theme, but this flower-lined dress is still quite good.

Cardi B

I’m honestly embarrassed to say that I didn’t expect Cardi B to be walking the carpet; her success in the past year has been something that no one can look past. The Met Gala is known for celebrating up-and-coming artists, and Cardi definitely deserved her spot. Her Versace dress was extremely similar to the Versace armor that Lil Nas X was wearing last year, the whole ‘bathed in gold’ look might be point docking for being slightly unoriginal, but this is not what was drawing my eye. Her gloves made of jewelry were stunning and looked like they were hand-crafted just for her. While her outfit itself was not exactly unique, she put her own beautiful spin on it. My favorite part about her appearance is the fact that she showed up to the event sitting on the back of a Versace-wrapped convertible with the designer of her dress, Donatella Versace. 

Chloe Bailey actually really surprised me, with the main difference in her dress that stood out was the shape of it, not her wing-inspired accessory that most other celebrities would not downplay. The bubbles all over her dress were so interesting to look at, and while it may have been deemed as ugly at any other red carpet, this was just perfect for some of the wacky things we see on this night.

David Lauren

I can not even begin to write a full paragraph about David Lauren’s poor fashion choices because it was not worth anyone’s time to even glimpse at—this was awful and so disrespectful to the Met Gala. While the jacket and button-up would have aired on the side of just ok, the ripped jeans, uncoordinated belt, and cowboy boots physically pained me to look at.

Denee Benton actually served in an unexpected way. I honestly cannot see how her dress fits the theme, but after experiencing what people like David Lauren pulled, anything could look good. Her green makeup matches well with all of the other colors she was sporting, and there isn’t much to complain about. This was not a stand-out look, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

I honestly could not care less about Elon and Maye Musk’s outfits for they were far too bland, but just the fact that they were there is hilarious to me. These two had me left wondering who made the guest list, but I think I like that they were there—they definitely did not do something with technology as you would expect, but I’m glad to see that they accepted their invitation.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain did ten times better than what she pulled off in 2021, even though that outfit was a showstopper within itself. I’m sad to see that she wasn’t hosting the Met Gala again, but at the same time, I’m proud of her for walking the red carpet. This Louis Vuitton look fit the theme, she went back to blonde, and her jewelry was so perfect and complementary. While I could write an entire article just on why this outfit was perfect, the best way to chalk it up is that I fell in love with Emma all over again. A lot of people have a lot of different opinions on Emma, showing the higher section of her stomach and while I can understand that concern, most likely the majority wouldn’t say the same thing about Dwayne Wade showing off his abs.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ll admit that I do not know who Fredrik Robsersson is, but after his outfit, designed by Iris van Herpen, I feel like I need to know. His outfit was so out there and represented what the Met Gala should be: surprising, fun, funky, and out of this world.

Gigi Hadid

I’ll just say it flat out: Gigi Hadid is my queen—she is the most influential woman and greatest supermodel of all time. My bar was raised so extremely high for her, and she still managed to exceed my expectations. Red is her color, especially with her new, blonde hair. The contrast between the shiny, tight material of her bodysuit and the puffy, long jacket was everything. This Versace look screamed successes and power, I’m so glad that Gigi was chosen to wear it. This outfit was stunning on the carpet, but it was even better against the wall of roses. I hope she felt as confident as she looks comfortable—this was just amazing in so many different ways, I’m starstruck.

Coco disagreed: “Looking back on Gigi Hadid’s outfit, I feel like she could’ve done more with the theme. The only part of this look that was giving gilded glamor was the corset. Other than that, people didn’t wear latex in the Gilded Age, and I’m a bit confused by the enormous puffer. I feel like this would be perfect if the theme was futuristic, but maybe that’s just me. Gigi looked stunning, and I typically love her looks every year, but this one didn’t do it for me.”

Ho-yeon Jung

Another one of my favorite models is Ho-yeon Jung, the actress from Squid Games. I was so excited to see her make an appearance, and I think her outfit, confirmed to be inspired by the paintings of John Singer Sargent and Robert Henri, was stunning and matched her usual style perfectly. Her makeup artist, Nina Park, and hairstylist, Jenny Cho, did an amazing job to make this look come together. But, was this too safe for the Met Gala? I am leaning towards yes.

I cannot express how much I hate Jacob Elordi’s fashion choices for the Met Gala; he presents himself as just another pretty face. He is always too safe, and all I want to see from him is something glamorous just like everyone else on that red carpet. I am always so disappointed in him when he blends in with the paparazzi who are instructed to wear white button-ups and black jackets.

Karlie Kloss

I wasn’t stunned by Karlie Kloss’s Givenchy gown simply because everyone else was doing this silk, black, nightgown look with a few slits on the sides. The part of her outfit that stuck out the most was her hair and makeup. I was expecting someone to do the wet-hair look, and no one did it the way that Zendaya did for the Dune premiere, but Karlie was a close second. Her slick back pony and dark makeup made her look slightly different than everyone else—it’s almost like she knew Julia Fox hadn’t been invited, so she took it upon herself to make her black eyeshadow similar, but better.

Kylie Jenner

There are so many words I could use to describe my disappointment with Kylie Jenner, but I don’t think anyone would let me post them because they definitely wouldn’t be deemed appropriate. To put it simply, what is this? The white wedding dress would have been sufficient, boring, but getting the job done on its own, but what is with the OFF White sheer underneath? The worst part for me is the wedding veil x backward baseball cap—I don’t know what was going through this woman’s head. I remember, from the beginning of March, seeing her sister, Kendall Jenner, wearing this hat in the devil design, and I was appalled and felt like it ruined her outfit—why can’t Kylie learn from her sister’s mistake? I do give her snaps for commemorating the founder of OFF White, Virgil Abloh, after his passing just a couple of months ago by wearing the outfit she had planned to wear with him in 202o—that was very kind of her, but he has so many other amazing pieces she could have chosen. The most irritating part to me was the fact that her after-party outfit was stunning—it fit the theme much better than other celebrities can say. Between the corset, the tool, and the silk, this dress was everything I had been looking for from her, but she severely disappointed. 

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian

And speaking of mistakes within the Kardashian-Jenner family at the Met Gala, Kourtney Kardashian’s Them Browne matching outfits blew me away in the worst way possible. She and Travis Barker only followed the classy, black-tie theme behind every Met Gala event but didn’t even hint towards either of the two themes. Thank goodness that Kendall Jenner saved the family’s reputation and might have secured her sisters’ invite to the 2023 Gala.

Coco said, “Kourtney admitted on the red carpet that she wasn’t sure how her look fit the theme, and that makes two of us. She showed up to the Gilded Glamor-themed Met Ball in a cropped button-down. I’ll leave it at that.”

Kendall Jenner

However, this year, Kendall Jenner was wearing what is described as a “sheer black gown” from Cosmopolitan, where, in the same sentence, they also commented that “she looked incredible,” and I couldn’t agree more. Kendall does everything from classy, loud, and bedazzled, and this just continues to add to her well-rounded experiment in the fashion world. I thought her sheer and diamond dress from 2021 would be my favorite look for her, but this Prada gown might be giving it a run for its money. I think this is something so unexpected for her, yet it still represents her femininity perfectly, just through another lens. While this look was stunning, I could see why critics would argue that Kendall only pulled this off because of her name, but I think sometimes a statement, the unconditional piece is beautiful within itself. I’m glad she didn’t do the same thing as last year because Lily James had it covered.

I am in L-O-V-E with Lenny Kravitz’s whole entire look because it met the theme, was so unique, had so many contrasting layers and materials—it was stunning in every way possible. I can’t even begin to express how happy this made me see celebrities doing the most for the greatest event of the year in the fashion world.


I love Lizzo, she’s so iconic. Not only was she wearing Thom Browne, and looked amazing in it, she showed up with a fifty-five thousand dollar green-gold flute. Maybe she played a rendition of Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune just to say that she’s performed on the steps of the Met, but whatever the reason, I loved it.

Madeline Petsch is arguably the most iconic redhead of our time. She is extremely successful, but her fashion looks are usually pretty good. This yellow two-piece could really go either way for certain people, but I like it. It’s elegant, loud, and perfect for the event’s theme. I have no complaints especially because the colors in her dress compliment her hair so well.

Mark Rober

If you asked me to bet a thousand dollars on Mark Rober being at the Met Gala in any year, I would have felt extremely confident in thinking that he would never even be invited, but I was so wrong. This man is the one of smartest men of our time and now that I see him on the carpet, I think we need more inspirational figures just like him. He isn’t just an influencer, he’s going to be the next Elon Musk.

Megan Thee Stallion has been at every event I’ve been reviewing recently, and each time, her outfits get better and better. She is such a force in the music industry, and I’m so excited about her bringing that passion into fashion as well. Her dress, designed by Jeremy Scott, was ten times better than the tiger dress she wore to the Grammys.

Natasha Poonawalla

If Blake Lively doesn’t win, I know Natasha Poonawalla will take that number one spot for the theme. Her stylist, Anaita Shroff Adajania, hit the mark perfectly. Natasha’s outfit represented India in shades of gold, and I couldn’t be more in love. This outfit had everything from beads, stones, crystals, sequins, velvet, tool, and more. Her Desi twist on the “country’s multiculturalism and authenticity” was the representation this event was craving.

For my readers that have been keeping up with me, you know exactly how I feel about Sabrina Carpenter and her fashion choices. I honestly rolled my eyes when I saw she was on the list I’m basing my opinions on: You won’t believe it, but I actually liked her dress this time around—maybe she has been reading my articles and taking notes? One can dream.

I need to thank whoever thought to invite Sebastian Stan because you’ve done this world an absolute favor. This man is so iconic in so many different ways, and maybe it’s just the fangirl side of me talking, but this all-pink outfit was everything. I was so happy to see him there in his very best. He did the hot pink full-fit better than Jenna Ortega ever could, but I do wonder how hot pink ties in with Gilded Glamor because a handful of other celebrities attempted this look as well.

Wearing a transformable, white Tory Burch dress, Sydney Sweeney attempted to pull off what Blake Lively already owned. The dress was stunning on her, but I think she only pulled it off because of who she is, especially when her gown turned into a short party dress. This would have been stunning for most events, but simple is never better for the Met.

SZA’s Vivienne Westwood dress was giving me Wicked Witch of the West vibes but in the best way possible. Her hat and gloves were such a nice touch, there was nothing to complain about—her ensemble is satisfying, and the oversized aspect of each article matches SZA’s personality so well. You can tell she really said, “go big or go home.”

The Met Gala 2022 has been my favorite event of this year. For the most part, everyone looked stunning. My predictions might have been off for some of them, but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. I’ve loved the fact that each year the dresses get more and more sophisticated—I’m excited to see who wins ‘Best Dressed’ this spring.